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  1. the physical change in the brain that is associated with a memory
  2. crucial to forming new memories
  3. the process by which short-term memories change to long-term memories
  4. memories that have been processed with attention and can be recalled
    explicit memories
  5. memories that have not been deliberately learned or those of which you have no conscious awareness
    implicit memories
  6. stimuli that are used to brig memory into conscious or into behavior
    retrieval cues
  7. a technique for cueing implicit memories by stimulating a memory without awareness of the connection between the cue and the retrieved memory
  8. states that context affects the way a memory is encoded and stored, influences its retrieval
    encoding specific principle
  9. a memory process that selectively retrieves memories that match one's mood
    mood-congruent memory
  10. the inability to recall a word, while knowing that the word is in memory
    TOT (tip of the tongue)
  11. based on the idea that long-term memories gradually weaken over time
  12. a graph illustrating that the greatest amount of forgetting occurs during the first day after learning and then reaches a plateau, below which little more is forgotten
    Ebbinghaus' forgetting curve
  13. forgetting caused by lapses in attention
  14. caused by interference and is forgetting that occurs when an item in memory cannot be accessed or retrieved
  15. earlier interferes with memory for later information
    proactive interference
  16. new information interferes with memory for information learned earlier
    retroactive inference
  17. a form of interference related to the sequence in which information is presented
    serial position
  18. a memory fault that occurs when memories are retrieved but associated the wrong time, place, or person
  19. occurs when external clues distort or create memories
  20. the distortion of memory by suggestion or misinformation as was found in the Loftus and Palmer studies
    misinformation effect
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