Error prone Abb.

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  1. μg
    • Use mcg
    • was used for microgram, mistaken for mg
  2. AD, AS, AU
    • don't abbreviate, use "right ear", "left ear", "each ear"
    • was used for right, left or each ear
    • mistaken for right, left or each eye
  3. OD, OS, OU
    • don't abbreviate, use "right eye", "left eye", "each eye"
    • was used for "right, left and each eye
    • mistaken for right, left or each ear
  4. BT
    • don't abbreviate, use "bedtime"
    • was used for bedtime, but mistaken for BID (twice daily)
  5. cc
    • use mL
    • mistaken as u (units)
  6. D/C
    • don't abbreviate, use "discharge" and "discontinue", which are intended meaning.
    • misinterpretation includes premature discontinuation of meds if D/C (intended to mean "discharge) has been misinterpreted as "discontinued" when followed by a list of discharge meds.
  7. IJ
    • don't abbreviate, use "injection"
    • mistaken as "IV" or "intrajugular"
  8. IN
    • either use NAS or "intranasal"
    • Mistaken for IM or IV
  9. HS
    • Don't abbreviate, use "half-strength" or "bedtime"
    • Intended as half-strength, mistaken as bedtime (hour of sleep)
  10. hs
    • don't abbrev, use bedtime
    • mistaken for half strength
  11. IU
    • intended as international unit
    • mistaken as IV or 10
    • use "units"
  12. o.d. or OD
    • intended as once daily
    • mistaken as right eye (OD-oculus dexter), leading to oral liquid meds administered in eye
    • Use "daily"
  13. OJ
    • intended as Orange juice
    • mistaken for OD or OS (left or right eye); drugs meant to be diluted in OJ may be given in eye
    • Use "orange juice"
  14. Per os
    • intended meaning is by mouth, orally
    • mistaken as "left eye" (OS)
    • Use "PO", "by mouth", "orally"
  15. q.d. or QD
    • intended as every day
    • mistaken for q.i.d
    • used daily
  16. qhs
    • intended as nightly at bedtime
    • mistaken as qhr or every hour
    • use nightly
  17. qn
    • intended as nightly
    • mistaken as qhr or every hour
    • use "nightly"
  18. qod or QOD
    • intended as every other day
    • mistaken as q.d. (every day) or qid (4 times a day) if the o is poorly written
    • use "every other day"
  19. q1d
    • intended as daily
    • mistaken as qid (4 times daily)
    • use "daily"
  20. q6PM
    • intended as every evening at 6 pm
    • mistaken for every 6 hours
    • use "daily at 6 PM" or 6 PM daily
  21. SC, SQ, sub q
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