Science Chapter 1 test 6th grade

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  1. The area of a magnet where the magnetic field is strongest is the :
    Magnetic Pole
  2. The negatively charged particles within an atom is a :
  3. An example of a ferromagnetic material :
  4. A compass works because it ' s magnetic needle :
    spins freely
  5. A stream of electrically charged particles flowing from the sun is called the :
    solar wind
  6. What maps out the magnetic field around a magnet ?
    Magnetic field lines
  7. In an atom protons and what are located in the nucleus ?
  8. A material like iron that has strong magnetic properties is a what ?
    Ferromagnetic material
  9. A material that keeps it's magnetism for a long time is a :
    permanent magnet
  10. The region of earth 's shaped by the solar wind is a what ?
  11. Describe the structure of an atom :
    The structure of an atom contains neutrons and positively charged protons in it's nucleus . Negetivley charged electrons move randomly throughout the atom .
  12. How can a material become a magnet ?
    A material can become a magnet by by placing an unmagnetized ferromagnetic material in a strong magnetic field or by rubbing the material with one pole of a magnet .
  13. How does Earth act like a magnet ?
    Earth has a magnetic field around it with 2 magnetic poles .
  14. What is a aurora ?
    An aurora is a glowing region in the atmosphere .
  15. How is a aurora produced ?
    A aurora is produced by high speed charged particles from the sun when they hit Earth ' s surface .
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