Vehicle Code

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  1. Q: What are three ranges of BAC in regards to violating 3802?
    A: Lowest .08 to .09 High .10 to .15 Highest .16 or higher.
  2. Q: How many hours after Fred has driven must Fred be tested for BAC?
    A: WITHIN 2 hours.
  3. Q: What does a minor’s BAC have to be to violate 3802 and within what time?
    A: .02 within 2 hours
  4. Q: What does a commercial driver’s BAC have to be to violate 3802 and within what time?
    A: .04 within 2 hours
  5. Q: What does a school bus driver’s BAC have to be to violate 3802?
    A: .02 within 2 hours
  6. Q: What is the grading for violating 3802?
    A: Ungraded M
  7. Q: What is the grading for a 2nd or subsequent offense of 3802?
    A: M2
  8. Q: What is the grading for violating 3802 and in a crash with injury only one prior 3802 and more than one prior?
    A: ungraded M and M1 for more than one prior
  9. Q: What are the terms of tampering with an ignition interlock system?
    A: Using another to provide a breath sample or providing a breath sample for the purpose of bypassing the system.
  10. Q: An operator and a passenger MAY or MAY not be in possession of an open alcoholic beverage while traveling on a highway?
    A: May not
  11. Q: What are the exceptions to the open beverage question?
    A: Buses, taxis, limousines or lawful transportation for compensation
  12. Q: A judge MAY or MAY not reduce or modify original charges without permission of the commonwealth?
    A: MAY NOT
  13. Q: A person may not leave a child under what age in an unattended vehicle which is out of sight or under circumstances endanger of health and safety?
    A: UNDER 6 years old
  14. Q: What is the applicability of leaving a child unattended?
    A: Highways, traffic ways and parking lots
  15. Q: If a two or more children UNDER 6yo are left unattended in a car, is it a separate offense for each child?
    A: Yes
  16. Q: What is the general rule for backing?
    A: Can only be done with its safe, without interfering with traffic and must yield to pedestrians and moving traffic.
  17. Q: Can a vehicle back up on shoulder or roadway of a limited access highway?
    A: NO
  18. Q: What is the exception to driving a motor vehicle on a sidewalk?
    A: Human powered vehicle for people with disabilities.
  19. Q: What is the maximum number of people allowed in the front seat of a vehicle?
    A: 3
  20. Q: The driver of any vehicle other than one on official business shall not follow a fire truck or stop within how many feet of a fire truck?
    A: 500 ft
  21. Q: No person shall driver over a fire hose unless what?
    A: Unless consent is given by a police officer, fire guy, or other appropriate attired person.
  22. Q: what are the Exceptions to unauthorized persons and devices hanging on vehicles?
    A: Firemen, garbage men, and public utility men.
  23. Q: What are the 6 exceptions to trains blocking crossings?
    A: When complying with safety signals, trains are disabled, trying to avoid striking something, train is in motion, when no cars are waiting and when complying with Gov. regs.
  24. Q: A trooper may only charge accident involving overturned vehicles when what sections are also cited?
    A: Safe speed, speeding, careless unsecure loads, rules of the dept. and DUI
  25. Q: A minor prohibited from driving will drunk, what is the definition of MINOR?
    A: A person under the age of 21. Pg208
  26. Q: In relation to VC 3718 Minor prohibited from operating with alcohol in his system and grading?
    A: No alcohol and Summary
  27. Q: If people are in the rear of an open-bed truck or flatbed truck the truck may no travel faster than?
    A: 35 mph
  28. Q: What are the exceptions to riding in an open flatbed?
    A: Child of a farmer riding between farms, child with hunting lic., child in a parade or a child that is employed to perform farm labor.
  29. Q: A person can be charged with homicide by vehicle under any Vehicle code section or ordinance except grading of this section?
    A: VC 3802 and F3 it is
  30. Q: What needs to happen to be charged with aggravated assault by vehicle and grading?
    A: Serious bodily injury caused by being reckless or gross negligence in violation with VC or local ordinance. F3 it is an F2 if 3802
  31. Q: What needs to happen to be charged with Homicide by vehicle and grading?
    A: Death caused by being reckless or gross negligence in violation with VC or local ordinance. F3 an F2 if 3802
  32. Q: What is the grading of fleeing and eluding?
    A: M2 or F3 if done while 3802 or Tpr or public while doing so.
  33. Q: Accident involving Death or personal injury driver shall do what and grading?
    A: Stay at the scene render aide and give information, injury M1 serious injury F3 death F2.
  34. Q: When is immediate notice to police required?
    A: Injury, death, or un-drivable.
  35. Q: By law a crash report should be completed by a trooper in how many days?
    A: 15
  36. Q: Report shall be given upon request given to who?
    A: Any person involved in the accident, lawyer, insurer, Feds or military
  37. Q: When may the Dept. refuse to furnish a crash report?
    A: Whenever there are criminal charges pending.
  38. Q: When passing a vehicle in the opposite direction how much room should you give the other vehicle?
    A: At least ½ of the main traveled portion of the road.
  39. Q: How many feet should be given when passing a pedalcycle?
    A: 4 Ft
  40. Q: What are the two exceptions to passing on the right?
    A: Passing a vehicle turning left but can’t drive on to berm or shoulder and another lane is available.
  41. Q: Can a vehicle pass on the left over a double yellow line?
    A: Yes when it can be done safely and not within 200ft of oncoming traffic. Pg178
  42. Q: A vehicle cannot be driven on the left side of the road under what 3 conditions?
    A: When approaching a crest or curve; within 100ft of an intersection railroad grade; within 100 ft. of bridge or tunnel
  43. Q: Is it admissible to pass a pedalcycle in a no passing zone?
    A: Yes
  44. Q: Does a caravan or motorcade have to allow space for traffic to occupy space in the motorcade or caravan?
    A: Yes caravan or motorcaded must leave space for traffic.
  45. Q: What is the exception to the caravan motorcade rule above?
    A: Funeral processions
  46. Q: When two vehicles approach an intersection from different directions who shall yield?
    A: Vehicle to the left shall yield to the right.
  47. Q: Exceptions to the right of way rule?
    A: Through Highways; limited access highways; traffic circles have the right of way.
  48. Q: When traveling below 35mph and above 35mph, how far out should turn signal be used?
    A: not less than 100ft and 300 ft
  49. Q: When using hand and arm signals to turn what are they?
    A: Left turn shall be held horizontally, right turn upwards
  50. Q: What is the distance to stop to the nearest rail of a railroad?
    A: When approaching a railroad must stop within 50ft not less than 15ft
  51. Q: What vehicles must stop at every railroad crossing?
    A: School bus with or without kids, Bus with passengers, commercial truck with gas, oil radioactive or explosives.
  52. Q: When approaching a school bus with red flashing light and stop arm, what is the distance should a vehicle stop?
    A: 10ft
  53. Q: What types of vehicles may, after checking that he right of way is given travel through a stop sign or red light?
    A: Ambulances, blood delivery and organ donor vehicles.
  54. Q: Emergency vehicles may only pass a school bus with red flashing lights if?
    A: After exercising due diligence and caution
  55. Q: A funeral procession shall what equipment?
    A: Head lamps, flashers, flag showing its part of the funeral.
  56. Q: True or False: A funeral procession may display flashing or revolving purple lights on the funeral car?
    A: True
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