Offenses Involving Danger to the Person

  1. Q: Intentionally/recklessly causes bodily injury; negligently with deadly weapon; physical menace put another in fear of injury; conceals needle; M2 or mutual combat M3
    A: Simple Assault:
  2. Q: Attempts/does cause serious injury to person or cop; with deadly weapon; uses noxious gas; injury to child UNDER 6 by a person 18 and older. F1 and F2
    A: Aggravated assault:
  3. Q: attempts/causes injury to trooper.
    A: Assault on Trooper:
  4. Q: Inmate causes another to come into contact with blood, seminal fluid, saliva urine or feces.
    A:Aggravated harassment by prisoner.
  5. Q: Recklessly engages in conduct which places or may place another person in danger or serious bodily injury.
    A:Recklessly Endangering another.
  6. Q: A person directly/indirectly a threat to commit a crime of violence with intent to terrorize; cause evacuation of a building; serious public inconvenience
    A: Terroristic threats:
  7. Q throws, shoots propels a rock, stone, brick or metal, deadly missile, bomb at occupied vehicle or roadways.
    A: Propulsion of missiles:
  8. Q: Defenses to Discharging a firearm into an occupied structure is?
    A: Trooper; Person lawfully hunting; was no intentional or reckless.
  9. Q: Carrying a paintball gun in a vehicle is allowed when?
    A: Gun is empty; CO2 is disconnected; balls stored separately; in a secure wrapper; barrel blocker; no accessible; S
  10. Q: a person strikes; kicks; subjects another to physical contact or threatens; follows a person in public; course of conduct no legit purpose; repeat communication at late hour or lewd obscene language.
    A: Harassment:
  11. Q: Following a person without authority with intent to place a person in reasonable fear of bodily injury or cause substantial emotional distress.
    A: Stalking
  12. Q: Committing the offense of Criminal misc.; institutional vandalism; criminal trespass; with malicious intention toward race, color, religion or national origin of another.
    A: Ethnic intimidation:
  13. Q: Probable cause arrest in domestic violence cases:
    A: Make arrest if evidence exist that involuntary manslaughter simple assault; Agg assault; recklessly endangering and terroristic threats. Must have evidence of recent injury.
  14. Q: What must a Trooper advise a victim of in domestic violence cases?
    A: Availability of a shelter and its phone number; file a PFA that prevents further abuse, makes the accused leave the household, school, business and custody of kids.
  15. Q: A person that is an official and is assaulted during a game or because of his official actions.M1
    A: Assault on Sports Offical
  16. Q: Causes bodily injury by failing to provide treatment, care goods or services necessary to preserve health, safety and welfare of patient.
    A: Neglect of care-dependent person:
  17. Q: Intimidate or coerce a population, influence the policy of government by intimidation or affect the conduct of government.
    A: Terrorism:
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