GRE Vocabulary 8

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  1. Athiest
    person who does not believe in God
  2. Colloquial
    local and informal (used of language)
  3. Dotard
    foolish old man
  4. Furrow
  5. Instigator
    troublemaker; person who entices others to do something
  6. Misnomer
    wrong name
  7. Percipient
    perceptive; insightful
  8. Quaff
    drink down quickly
  9. Staunch
    loyal; faithful; dependable
  10. Vilification
    blackening someone's name
  11. Atrophy
    waste away from lack of use
  12. Collusion
    plotting and planning
  13. Drawl
    speak slowly with words running together
  14. Furtive
    hidden and secret
  15. Insurgent
    a rebel
  16. Misogynist
    hater of women
  17. Perdition
  18. Quagmire
    marsh; bog
  19. Stereotype
    fixed image
  20. Vindicate
    prove right; remove blame
  21. Attenuate
  22. Commandeer
    take possession of
  23. Drivel
  24. Futile
    useless; hopeless
  25. Interminable
  26. Misrepresentation
    deliberately deceiving
  27. Peremptory
    in a commanding manner
  28. Quaint
  29. Stevedore
  30. Virtuoso
    an accomplished musician
  31. Augment
    increase; make bigger
  32. Complacent
    self-satisfied; smug
  33. Droll
    dryly amusing
  34. Galleon
    ancient type of sailing ship
  35. Intermittent
    sporadic; irregular
  36. Mitigate
    lessen; make less severe
  37. Perfidy
  38. Quandary
    dilemma; puzzle
  39. Stifle
  40. Virulent
    dangerous; harmful
  41. Auspicious
    favorable; promising to turn out well
  42. Compliant
    easy to control; submissive
  43. Drone
    1. monotonous noise (n); 2. to speak with no emotion (v); 3. male bee
  44. Gambol
    frolic; leap; bound
  45. Intransigence
  46. Modicum
    small amount
  47. Perfunctory
    superficial; cursory
  48. Quarantine
    isolation to prevent the spread of disease
  49. Stoic
    known for fortitude; indifferent to pleasure or pain
  50. Vital
    essential; alive; important
  51. Austere
    severely plain
  52. Concatenate
    link together
  53. Dubious
  54. Garble
    distort; confuse; muddle
  55. Intransigent
    stubborn; unyielding
  56. Momentous
    very important
  57. Peripatetic
    nomadic; moving from place to place
  58. Quarry
    1. something that is hunted; 2. mine for stone
  59. Stoke
    add fuel to; strengthen
  60. Vitriolic
    corrosive; strongly attacking
  61. Aversion
    a dislike of
  62. Concatenation
    linking into chains
  63. Dupe
    to fool someone
  64. Garish
  65. Intrepid
  66. Monotonous
    dull; unvarying
  67. Peripheral
    on the edge; not important
  68. Querulous
    always complaining
  69. Stolid
    impassive; dull; indifferent
  70. Vivacity
    liveliness; animation
  71. Balk
    hinder and prevent; hesitate over
  72. Conciliate
    to bring together; end a dispute
  73. Dynamic
    lively; vibrant; energetic
  74. Garner
    gather; collect
  75. Inverterate
  76. Moratorium
    temporary prohibition or halt to activity
  77. Perjury
    telling lies under oath
  78. Quirk
  79. Stratagem
    plot; plan; trick
  80. Vivify
  81. Banal
    common; dull
  82. Concise
    stated in few words
  83. Ebullient
    very lively; cheerful; jovial; happy
  84. Garrulous
  85. Invidious
    arousing envy
  86. Moribund
    on the point of death
  87. Pernicious
    destructive; harmful
  88. Ramble
    wander aimlessly
  89. Strident
    loud and harsh
  90. Vociferous
    noisy; loud in speech
  91. Banality
    ordinariness; dullness
  92. Condescend
    talk down to
  93. Eccentric
    unusual; quirky; odd
  94. Gaunt
    emaciated; bony and angular
  95. Inviolable
    cannot be invaded
  96. Morose
    gloomy; bad tempered
  97. Persnickety
    fastidious; fussy
  98. Ramifications
    branches; subdivisions of a complex systems; outcome
  99. Stringent
    strict or severe
  100. Volatile
    dangerously unstable; evaporates easily
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