Decedent Affairs Chp 7 and 10

  1. What 2 ways can a PNOK give authorization for cremation?
    • 1.) In Writing
    • 2.) Telegram
  2. What must be received before cremation if authorization was given via telegram?
    A written and signed copy of the request.
  3. If a question exists if an individual has the legal right to driect disposition or if ID findings are inconclusive what cannot be completed?
    "Do not accomplish the cremation"
  4. Where must a copy of the PNOK's signed request be forwarded?
  5. Where should cremation be accomplished?
    At or near the place of death, unless requested by NOK for it to be completed at final destination.
  6. If remains are processed under contract for cremation how must they be transported?
    In a casket meeting the standards described in Appendix J.
  7. If remains are NOT processed under contract for creamtion how must they be transported?
    In an inexpensive, wooden, or other cremation casket common to the industry
  8. What must the crematory provide to the Navy representative?
    a signed statement certifying that the remains were cremated, and the ashes were placed into the receptacle delivered to the Navy resentative.
  9. What additional information is needed in the statement from the crematory?
    the naame of the Navy rep. and the date the receptacle was delivered
  10. What additional forms must accompany the cremation certificate and signed request that is submitted to COMNAVMEDCOM?
    • 1.) DD 2062 Record of Preparation and Disposition of the Remains (OConus)
    •                           OR
    • 2.) DD 2063 Record of Preparation and Disposition of the Remains (Conus)
  11. How must remains be transported to crematory?
    Common carrier or funeral coach
  12. Does remains to be cremated receive a military escort?
  13. How does the escort transport the Cremains?
    By hand to final destination
  14. If an escort is autherized to transport cremains how many additional lbs of baggage is autherized?
    10 Lbs
  15. If an escort is not autherized to transport Cremains how are they transported?
    Via registered mail (Preferred Method), Air, or surface transportation.
  16. What type of Urn is used for Creamains?
    rectangular or vase type spun bronze
  17. What information is engraved on the Urn?
    Name, Grade or Rate, DOB, Date of Death, and Branch of Service.
  18. How many escorts are authorized using decedent affairs program funding?
    1 escort
  19. Is there an exception to the one escort, IE can more than one be assigned?
    Yes, if not used concurrently
  20. When would it be authorized to request first-class one way air travel?
    When coach class accommodations are not available and a delay in delivery of remains would affect prior commitments.
  21. When calling to request first-class air travel what information is needed?
    • 1.) Name, Grade or Rate, and SSN of escort
    • 2.) Position title of escort.
    • 3.) Dates of travel (itinerary).
    • 4.) Additional cost of first class fare over coach class fare.
    • 5.) Name, Grade or Rate, and SSN of Decedent.
  22. Is an additional Government Transportation Request (GTR) required for escort?
  23. Are escorts authorized to purchase floral tributes for deceased?
  24. Are floral tributes purchased by escorts chargable to DAP funds?
  25. Are commands authorized to assign escort OCONUS?
    Commands MAY NOT assign escorts OCONUS without the concurrence from COMNAVMEDCOM
  26. Are command representatives authorized to accompany escorts and remains?
    Yes, however commands must fund the representative
  27. Who is eligible to escort remains?
    • 1.) Members of the Naval Service
    • 2.) Civilians (If desired by PNOK)
    • 3.) Retired or Inactive Military Personnel
    • 4.) Special Escorts
  28. What is a special escort?
    A special escort is any one person, civilian or military (Including a relative), specifically requested by PNOK
  29. Unless a special escort is requested by the PNOK. The escort assigned should be what?
    Of the same branch of service and should have the same status. IE Enlisted for Enlisted, and grade and rate should be at least equal to deceased member
  30. What is NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1?
    Decedent Affairs Manual
  31. What is Chp 7 of NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1
  32. What is Chp 10 of NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1
  33. What is DD 2062?
    Record of preparation and disposition of Remains (OCONUS)
  34. What is DD 2063?
    Record of preparation and disposition of Remains (CONUS)
  35. What is the Manual for Deceased Naval Personnel?
    NAVPERS 15955F
  36. Is escort eligable to attend funeral services?
    Yes, escort is authorized up to 72 hours of stopover time to attend the funeral
  37. What is DD 1375 used for
    Reques for payment of funeral expenses and/or interment expensies
  38. Questions concerrning circumstances of death, cause of death, return of personal effects, and entitlement to other benefits are directed to?
    the CACO
  39. While remains are in a transportation status, accompanying escorts will?
    • 1.) Stay with the remains until the are ina safe area, undercover, and out of public view
    • 2.) Ensure that all planned transportation arrangements are carried out
    • 3.)Be especially attentive to the transfer of remains from one carrier to another
    • 4.) Drape a flage over the container or casket length-wise with the union at the head over the left shoulder of the deceased
    • 5.)Remove the flag draping the casket after arrival at the funeral
  40. What are some specific responsibilities of the escort?
    • 1.) Uniforms
    • 2.) Proper funding incase of emergancies
    • 3.) Transportation ( Will accompany remains at all times)
  41. How is the flag draped over the casket in transport?
    Length-wise with the union at the head and stars over the deceased left shoulder.
  42. Any flag that is not needed for presentation to PNOK or SNOK it must be returned to who?
  43. Does PNOK have the authority to tell escort there presence is not allowed at the funeral?
  44. What is the MED 5360-14
    Escort's report
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