N. Invent Ch2

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  1. critical thinking
    a combination of reasoned thinking, openness to alternatives, an ability to reflect, and a desire to seek truth
  2. skills (referring to critical thinking)
    the cognitive processes used in complex thinking operations such as problem-solving and dicision making
  3. attitudes (referring to critical thinking)
    • not the same as intellectual skills, are more like feelings and traits of mind
    • determine whether you will use your skills fairly and with an open mind
  4. comorbidities
    more than one health problem occuring at one time
  5. 6 phases of the nursing process
    • Assessment
    • Diagnosis
    • Planning outcomes
    • Planning interventions
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation
  6. planning outcome
    • work with the client to decide goals for your careĀ 
    • client outcomes you want to achieve through your nursing activities
    • This will drive your choice of intervientions
  7. Planning interventions
    • phase in nursing process in which you develop a list of possible interventions based on nursing knowledge
    • choose those most likely to help client to achieve the stated goals
    • best interventions are evidence based, meaning supported by sound research
  8. five components of caring
    • knowing - what an event (ex: illness) means in the life of the pt
    • being with - emotionally present for pt (eye contact, active listening)
    • doing for - doing what the pt would do for himself if he could (ex: bathing, etc)
    • enabling - supporting pt through coping w life changes and unfamiliar events (ex: hospitalization)
    • maintaining belief - having faith in pt's ability to get through change or event and find fulfillment and meaning
  9. full spectrum nursing
    • a unique blend of thinking, doing and caring
    • performed by nurses who fully develop and apply nursing knowledge, critical thinking, and nursing process to pt situations for purpose of effecting good outcomes
  10. 4 main concepts of full spectrum nursing
    thinking, doing, caring, and pt situation
  11. collaborative problem
    • potential complication
    • cannot be prevented with nursing interventions alone
    • many different professions coming together to solve the problem
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