1. How many interview rooms are available in CID?
    Two rooms secured by wood doors and equipped with metal security tables.
  2. How of often should a suspect/prisoner be removed from the interview room and provided a break?
    No more than two (2) hours without being removed from the room and offered a break of at least five minutes.
  3. An officer can only occupy the interview room when?
    Another officer is within hearing distance of the alarm, which sounds in the CID corridor
  4. Who is responsible for maintaining, ordering, and storing all materials needed to operate the interview room and adjacent area
    A CID Captain
  5. How often shall the fire and smoke alarms be tested by a competent authority
  6. Emergency assistance for the removal of suspect, arrestee or prisoner from the interview room area shall be provided by what unit?
  7. Any and all injuries that occur to a suspect, arrestee or prisoner while within the  interview area shall be reported immediately to
    a CID Captain or the appropriate Shift lieutenant or Unit Captain or if unavailable, the appropriate Investigative Services Sergeant
  8. When an escape from an interview room occurs, who shall assume command?
    The highest ranking officer
  9. The Communications Center shall notify which level of command of an escape
    Duty Lieutenant . In the event the Duty Lieutenant is not available, the District III Captain shall be notified.
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