A+ certification

  1. What should you do if the CPU fan does not turn for 5 seconds?
    turn off the system and make sure it is plugged in
  2. If the fan is spinning but the PC doesn't boot what do you do?
    make certain that any jumpers governing speed or voltage are set correctly
  3. What do you do if, after a few minutes, you hear a loud alarm?
    this is an indication that the system is overheating. Turn it off immediately and check your fan installation to make sure you've got good CPU/heatsink contact and that the fan is functioning properly.
  4. If the system doesn't boot and the fan doesn't spin what do you do?
    check to ensure that the CPU is seated properly and that no other components or cables have been unseated or disturbed
  5. What is the fix when the following happens..spontaneous reboots, especially on warmer days or with the heat blasting in winter time; occasional alarms from the tinny PC speaker; lockups; excessively loud fans
    check the fan and replace when necessary
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A+ certification
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