A+ certification

  1. What are the 3 steps to installing a CPU?
    • 1. homework --correct mobo with correct processor
    • 2. ESD
    • 3. Heatsink and fan
  2. How do you determine compatibility of CPU to MOBO?
    • 1. AMD or Intel?
    • 2.Pin grid array (pga) or land grid array (lga)
    • (pins or flat)-beware of sockets
    • 3.CPU speed-determined by the chipset and bios on mobo
  3. How do you adjust CMOS settings?
    • 1. manually with a jumper on the mobo
    • 2. with software
    • 3 changing a cmos setting
  4. what is it called when you deliberately change these settings to enhance performance;
  5. How do you overclock?
    • 1. increase the bus speed
    • 2. increase the voltage slightly to the CPU
  6. True or false-
    it is safe to do both of the previous things at the same time
    false- 1 at a time and document what you have done
  7. What does CMOS clear do?
    brings cmos back to default settings
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A+ certification
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