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  1. Name the 5 parts of the operations manual?
    • Operating rules (MN-400)
    • Employee timetable
    • Equipment operating instructions (MN-401)
    • Electrical instructions for operating employees (MN-290OP)
    • Emergency instructions
  2. Name the 4 sections of the Operating Rules?
    • Purpose and Scope
    • Employee rules of conduct
    • Definitions
    • Operating rules
  3. Which crafts are governed by Operating Rules?
    • Train and engine service employees
    • Rail traffic controllers
    • Yardmasters
    • MW foreman
    • Track car drivers
    • Employees responsible for the supervision of workers in these crafts
  4. Who can employees make suggestions too?
    Their supervisor or any company official on matters to promote safety, efficiency, or service.
  5. When is an employee considered on duty?
    From the time he reports to begin his assignment, until he is released from his assignment.
  6. When is an employee considered to be performing service?
    When he is engaged in activities directly associated with his job responsibilities.
  7. Safety is
    Of the first importance-in case of doubt or uncertainty, the safe course must always be taken.
  8. When must a safety briefing be held.
    Before work begins, or when conditions change.
  9. Employees must keep work areas?
    Neat and clean and free of clutter.
  10. Who must employees contact when accidents, incidents or injuries occur on company property?
    • Occ
    • Full written reports must be completed in accordance with company policy.
  11. Employees involved in an accident or incident on company property or involving company equipment will not leave the scene of the accident or incident until authorized by n MNR supervisor except:
    • When accompanied or transported by emergency service workers for immediate medical attention or
    • As directed by the police.
  12. If in doubt as to the meaning of any rule or instruction, employees must request an explanation from the?
    Proper authority.
  13. Report for duty at the?
    Required time at the designated location.
  14. Where must ID'S be displayed?
    In a visible location on their person.
  15. ______, ________ or in any matter __________ or interfering with the normal intended function of any device or equipment on engines, cars
    Altering, nullifying and restricting.
  16. While on duty, subject to duty, or at any time in areas of company property not accessible to the general public, employees are prohibited from having?
    Alcoholic beverages or intoxicants in their possession.
  17. When performing service, employees are prohibited from?
    • Reading anything other than company authorized materials.
    • Sleeping or assuming the attitude of sleep.
  18. The business affairs of the company, information contained in its files, and privileged or confidential reports must not be divulged to?
    Persons outside the company.
  19. In the event an employee is required to furnish a written or recorded statement to a police officer in connection with the affairs of the company the employee may request representation by the?
    Metro North legal department prior to giving any statement, unless the statement is requested by an MTA Police Officer.
  20. An employee must not accept an assignment if they cannot complete the assignment within the maximum hours permitted by law, unless?
    Is authorized by the RTC or other designated official.
  21. Train and engine employees in passenger service must notify the RTC ____ ____ before expiration of their legal work time, if they have reason to believe they will not be able to complete their assignment within that period.
    One hour.
  22. Train and engine employees in other than passenger service must notify the RTC _____ ______ before expiration of their legal work time.
    Three hours.
  23. Train and engine service employees may complete an electronic hours of service report(ehos) on a daily basis_____ ______ _______ ________.
    Upon completing their assignment.
  24. If an EHOS is not made at the completion of the assignment, the employee must complete the report?
    When registering for the next assignment.
  25. Employees are prohibited from reporting for service, going on duty or remaining on duty while?
    Under the influence of or when impaired by alcohol.
  26. Employees are prohibited from using a controlled substance at any time, whether on or off duty, except?
    When employees have the authorization of the Company Medical Review Officer.
  27. An employee qualified on and governed by Metro North Operating Rules has the ______ __ ________ any directive that would violate a Metro North Rule or instruction
    Right to challenge in good faith.
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