Vocabulary Unit 2

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  1. Affect
    To bring about a change in.
  2. Affect
    To pretend to be or to have.
  3. Calculate
    To find the answer by using arithmetic.
  4. Calculate
    To figure out by reasoning.
  5. Climate
    The average weather conditions of an area.
  6. Column
    A row of figures or words running down a printed page; anything arranged like that.
  7. Column
    A tall, usually stone support that holds up something.
  8. Column
    A regular newspaper or magazine article usually written by the same person.
  9. Decay
    To rot.
  10. Decay
    A breaking down or rotting.
  11. Exceed
    To be more than.
  12. Exceed
    To go beyond what is allowed.
  13. Excess
    More than enough; an extra amount.
  14. Excessive
    Too much to too great.
  15. Forbid
    To order not to do something.
  16. Forbidden
    Not allowed.
  17. Grove
    A group of trees growing together with open space between them.
  18. Limb
    An arm, leg, or wing.
  19. Limb
    A large tree branch
  20. Mammoth
    Very large; huge
  21. Mature
    To become fully grown or developed.
  22. Mature
    Fully grown or developed; adult.
  23. Permit
    To allow.
  24. Permit
    A written notice that allows a person to do something.
  25. Resist
    To refuse to give in to; to withstand.
  26. Resist
    To work or fight against.
  27. Scorch
    To burn slightly.
  28. Scorching
    Very hot.
  29. Tower
    To stand above or higher than what is around it.
  30. Towering
    Very high; tall.
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