that's english modulo 5 unit 9 5

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  1. expresar sorpresa
    • You must be joking!
    •  I can’t believe it.
    •  Really!
  2. Para dar la bienvenida se usan estas expresiones
    Welcome home, Make yourself at home,...
  3. Para reaccionar a observaciones se usa
    • Oh my God!,
    • Are you kidding me?.. me estas engañando!

    Leave me alone! (Déjame en paz.)

    Come on! Hurry up! Let's go! (¡Vamos!)

    Are you kidding me? (US) ( engañando) /kɪd/ 

    • You must be joking! (UK) (¡Estás de broma!)
    • Shut up! Be quiet! (¡Cállate!
  4. dar las gracias formal
    • Thank you so much.
    • Thank you very much indeed.
    • Thank you (so much) for...
    • I (really) must thank you for...
  5. Every time
    Any time

    + subject + verb, subject + verb
    Estos conectores normalmente introducen algo que ocurre siempre en una situación concreta.

    • Every time he uses swear words, he shows his rudeness.
    • siempre que dice palabrotas muestra su falta de educacion

    • Any time I go to a party, I bring a cake or some wine.
    • cada vez que voy a una fiesta llevo un queque o vino
  6. decir palabrotas
    • swear[swɛər] suea
    • [(pt swore) /swɔːʳ/
    • (pp sworn)/swɔːn/
  7. groseria 
    falta de educacion
  8. every time/ any time
    • every time He talks about his weight, He gets upset.
    • any time You need some advice, Give me a call.
    • every time She invites me to dinner, I make an excuse.
    • Any time He has a lot of money, He spends it.
  9. email
    • Hi Mark,
    • How are things? How’s your new job?
    • Just a quick line to say Gerry and I have just got
    • engaged and moved into a new flat, we are having a house warming party on
    • Saturday. Do you fancy coming? Don’t be late,
    • as it starts at 8 p.m

    • Hope to see you there,
    • Best, Alex
    • PS Bring a bottle!
  10. email rechazando invitacion
    Hi Alex,

    • Thanks for your email. It's good to hear from you. Also thanks for the invitation to your party. I'm really sorry but I can't make it because it's my nephew's birthday . He lives in London so I'll be away all weekend . Again, thanks for the invitation.
    • Have fun!
    • See you soon,
    • Mark
  11. consecuencia con so
    • Se usa so + subject + verb para expresar
    • consecuencia o resultado.

    • My sister’s wedding is next weekend so I won’t be
    • able to go to the match.
  12. expresar causa con as/ because
    Se usa as / because + subject + verb para expresar causa.

    I won’t be able to go to the match next weekend as/ because it’s my sister’s wedding.

    •  Sorry I can’t go to your wedding because I’ll
    • be out of the country.
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