1. Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) actions for threat conditions are consistent with who?
    emergency response agencies in the City and Mutual Aid partners.
  2. All PFR properties are considered ______ ________.
    critical properties
  3. Who will assess changes in the National Threat Condition and will determine if the City will follow the direction of the Office of
    Homeland Security?
    The Portland Police Bureau (PPB)
  4. Who will alert companies of a local change to the terrorist threat conditions and how will they do so?
    • Dispatch 
    • all call and page personnel
  5. Who can modify any of the companies actions for terrorist threats?
    On duty Deputy Chief
  6. Companies and all supervisors shall review this Operational Guideline (O.G.) when in regards to initial terrorist threat?
    On their initial shift after the threat condition changes, and thereafter as needed
  7. What threat level is green?
    Level 1 low
  8. What specific measures must PFR employees provide/ ensure  be taken during a green threat condition
    • a. Employee picture ID
    • b. Background checks on all employees
    • c. Access control and security of fire stations
    • d. Surveillance cameras operational (if applicable)
    • e. Back-up generators and alarm systems are operational (if applicable)
  9. What threat level is yellow?
    Level 3 elevated
  10. How will dispatch announce threat condition yellow?
    • all call
    • emergency operations pagers
    • fmo all pagers
    • emergency coordination center EVEN and ODD
  11. During threat level yellow do fire companies maintain normal emergency preparation and response activities?
  12. Employees should review training on security precautions such as?
    procedures for bomb threats and procedures for suspicious packages, activities, and people
  13. During a yellow threat alert what equipment specifically needs to be checked that they are in proper working order?
    all means of communication (e.g., radios, pagers, Mobile Data Computers [MDCs], cell phones, landlines)
  14. During a yellow threat alert citizens should
    continue normal activities and report suspicious activities to ___.

    Credible intelligence indicates a high risk of a local terrorist attack with a specific or non specific target?
    specific target has not been identified.
  16. During a orange threat level when will dispatch announce threat level?
    • Dispatch announces Threat Condition Orange during daily 0800 check of the all-call
    • And during level change
  17. What security measure should be taken while leaving the station during a orange level security threat?
    Visually verify complete closing of apparatus door prior to leaving station.
  18. During a threat level orange should the apparatus ever be left unattended? And if it must be what should be done upon returning back to apparatus?
    With exception of emergency response, apparatus shall never be left unattended. When returning to your apparatus from a call, survey it for signs of tampering.
  19. Are station tours and ride alongs aloud while orange threat level? Are there any exceptions?
  20. Immediately terminate and discontinue all station tours and ride-alongs, except paramedic students in paramedic field training through PF&R’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Section.
  21. What should be required of all people who enter fire stations during a orange threat period level? Where should they be restricted to?
    • Require identification 
    • restrict them to the watchroom
    • do not leave them unattended
  22. During threat level orange terminate all contract work until individual contract workers have been authorized by ________.
  23. During a orange threat level should a fire station accept any unexpected deliveries? What should be done to expected deliveries?
    Refuse all unexpected deliveries and conduct 100% inspection of all essential deliveries.
  24. During a orange threat level what should you inspect the station for in the morning and evening?
    suspicious packages
  25. During a threat level orange it is important to verify supply of and review procedures for Mark 1 _____-_________ .
  26. During threat level orange when on a emergency you should establish security perimeters to exclude who?
  27. During a orange threat level what would it be helpful to be familiar with in situations not allowing clear voice communications?
    Radio code
  28. What should be placed on apparatus upon hearing that a security threat level orange has been established?
    • Patient Extraction Carts
    • PAPRs
  29. What kits need to be inspected and placed on the rig in the event that a security threat level orange has been established?
  30. Install AA batteries in all ____ portable radios
  31. If directed, install ________ Repeaters at  pre-determined locations such as
    Council Crest and Mount Tabor
  32. It is important to test what radio system when a security threat level orange has began?
  33. For a orange threat level verify the location of the orange ____ _____radio case in the station.
    VHF Ham
  34. During a threat level orange is it a good idea for citizens to leave baggage and brief cases unattended in public places?
  35. Maintain close contact with family and neighbors to ensure their _______ and ______ welfare.
    • safety
    • emotional
  36. THREAT CONDITION "RED" LEVEL 5 (SEVERE) indicates what?
    • A terrorist act has occurred or credible and corroborated intelligence indicates that a terrorist act is imminent.
    • Normally this threat condition is declared for a specific location or critical facility.
  37. Who will provide 24 hour coverage at dispatch during a threat level red?
  38. Should people not known personally be aloud in fire stations when a threat level red occurs?
  39. Should citizens who have legitimate reasons like still alarm or blood pressure check be aloud in the fire station when in threat level red?
    • must show picture I.D.
    • restricted to watchroom
    • not left unattended
  40. Where should fire companies be when a threat level red is present?
    in service in quarters so as to be immediately available for emergency response
  41. How do we prevent tampering with our station dumpsters?
    Lock dumpsters closed with a 2402 key
  42. What should you make sure to do every time you return to the fire station during a level red?
    Be vigilant as to any change of the station grounds each time you return to the station.
  43. Should fire stations receive deliveries while on a threat level red?
  44. Restrict or suspend all deliveries and postal service
  45. During a threat level red it is important that all members do what to ensure their safety on incidents?
    Work in the buddy system
  46. Who should you refer people who are seeking sensitive information too?
    Battalion chief
  47. What three entities is important that fire companies stay in contact with during a threat level red?
    • Portland Police
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Federal Bureau of Investigations
  48. Who should fire companies immediately report suspicious fire activity to?
    Portland Police Bureau
  49. If a citizen is suspicious of anyone who is asking questions about physical security, taking photos of critical facilities, or dressed inappropriately for the weather what should they do?
    Call 911
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