Visual Perceptual Hierarchy Seven levels of visual processing

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  1. 1. visual acuity2. visual field3. oculomotor    control
    foundation level
  2. Attention=1. Alert2. Attending
    second level
  3. Scanning-ability to look side to side
    third level
  4. Pattern Recognition-CNS must have high quality, accurate visual input to complete object recognition.    1.Visual acuity ensures the clarity of visual input    2.Visual field integrity ensures the presence of vision-that all of the visual input from the environment is represented    3.Oculomotor control ensure that visual information is acquired rapidly and accurately when the body is in motion or at rest for perceptual stability
    level 4
  5. Visual memory-the ability to recall or match the visual object to one’s memory. When an R is an R and is the first letter in Run. Or a picture or viewing a water glass means that there is a memory that means this glass of water will be able to quench my thirst.
    level 5
  6. Visuocognition- the ability to use the visual memory and then relate to past experiences on a cognitive level. The ability to recognize a bank check register and then be able to record the check, determine the balance in the check book and then reconcile the balance with the bank statement. Visual tasks that require cognitive input on a high level of processing from the initial visual input.
    level 6
  7. Adaptation through Vision    1. Solve Problems    2. Formulate plans    3. Make decisions
    level 7
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Visual Perceptual Hierarchy Seven levels of visual processing
Visual Perceptual Hierarchy Seven levels of visual processing
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