Pharmacology and Drugs

  1. Permextred is used for what type of cancer with platinum's
    • NSCLC
    • can be used with platinum's
    • adenocarcinomas do best

    also shown survival benefit when used for maintenance chemo after platinum doublet but only for Npn squamous cells (adeno and large cell)
  2. Name 2 EGFR inhibitors that are used for NSCLC as first line in EGFR positive disease?
    Erlotinib and gefitinib

    • Used after chemo 40% symptomatic benefit
    • 10% response rate,

    But used first line instead of chemo and similar disease free survival
  3. What are the major side effects of EGFR inhibitors, Elotinib/Gentfitinib?
    • Acniform rash
    • N+V
    • dry skin
    • Interstitial lung disease rare
  4. what is the mechanisim of action of Crizotinib and what can it therefore be used for?
    ALK inhibitor used in ALK +ive  advanced NSCLC
  5. Name an ALK inhibitor used in advance NSCLC
  6. How does Ipilimumab work?
    • CTLA4 inhibitor
    • Increased action of T cells
  7. How does Nivolimumab work
    PD1 inhibitor
  8. what chemo is recommended for stage 3 colon cancer?

    (improved survival compared to 5FU /FA)
  9. Whats cancers are VEGF inhibitors good for
    Colorectal cancers
  10. How does Bevicizumab work?
    Monoclonal antibody to VEGF
  11. What are the major side effects of Bevacizumab
    • Gi perforation
    • Hypertension
    • Protinuria
    • RPLS
    • delayed wound healing
    • and thrombosis
  12. What are the main side effects of Cetumximab
    • Ancniform rash
    • Hypomagnesaemia
    • Diahorrea
  13. Who benefits from the addition of Cetuximab in colorectal carcinoma
    Those with KRAS wild type
  14. What are the main side effects of Ipilimumab ?
    • Rash
    • Diarrhoea
    • Hypophysitis
    • Liver toxicity
  15. What cancer is Docetaxal used for first line
    Prostate cancer
  16. What used is Abritorone in Prostate cancer
    Androgen biosynthesis inhibiots used to decrease all sources androgens after castration
  17. What are the side effects of abiraterone
    • hyperkaelaemia
    • Hytertension
    • Fluid overload
  18. What should be given with Abiraterone to prevent the mineralocorticoid side effects?
  19. What benefit does Enzalutamide have over 1st line androgen inhibitors and what side effect does it have compared to the others?
    • less likely to have any agonist activity
    • Crosses the blood brain barrier so may cause siezures
  20. What drugs can be cleared by Haemodiaysis in overdose?
    • BLAST
    • Barbiturates
    • Lithium
    • Alcohol
    • Salicylates
    • theophyllines
  21. Which part of the renal system does acetyl zolamide work?
    Proximal convoluted tubule
  22. where does frusemide have its action
    • Loop of Henle
    • Blacks NKCC2 NACL co transporter
  23. What diuretcis works at the distal convoluted tubule?

  24. Where in the Kindey does Amioloride have its affect
    Distal convoluted tubule and collecting ducts
  25. What are the side effects of EPO?
    • Hypertension
    • Increased peripheral vascular resistence and encephalopathy (rare)
  26. What effects does Tacrolimus have on insulin
    • Causes insulin deficiency
    • (as opposed to insulin resistance)
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