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  1. The NAMP, implemented through COMNAVAIRFOR, supports the CNO and the CMC readiness and safety objectives and provides for optimum use of manpower, facilities, material, and what else? (Page 3-1)
  2. The NAMP is founded upon what concept? (Page 3-1)
    Three-level maintenance
  3. What maintenance is performed by an operating unit on a day-to-day basis in support of its own operations?
  4. What maintenance mission is to enhance and sustain the combat readiness and mission capability of supported activities by providing quality and timely material support at the nearest location with the lowest practical resource expenditure? (Page 3-2)
  5. What maintenance is performed at or by FRC sites to ensure continued flying integrity of airframes and flight systems during subsequent operation service periods? (Page 3-2)
  6. What are two types of aircraft maintenance performed within the naval establishment without distinction as to levels of maintenance? (Page 3-3)
    Rework and upkeep
  7. What identify the lowest maintenance level at which a task may be performed? (Page 3-3)
  8. What will assign limited I-level maintenance responsibility upon recommendation by the cognizant ACC/TYCOM? (Page 3-4)
  9. Selected D-level maintenance functions may be performed at designated what? (Page 3-4)
  10. Maintenance functions and policy for guided missiles, aircraft guns, targets, bomb assemblies, rockets, jet assisted takeoff, and pyrotechnics are listed in what instruction? (Page 3-4)
    OPNAVINST 8000.16
  11. What is defined as all equipment required on the ground to make an aeronautical system, support system, subsystem, operational in its intended environment? (Page 3-4)
    Support Equipment (SE)
  12. SE is categorized as CSE and what else? (Page 3-4)
  13. Assignment and classification of O-level and I-level maintenance functions are applicable to what? (Page 3-4)
  14. The CNO and who else assign aircraft maintenance tasks and responsibilities to activities of naval operating and training forces, FMFs, and nonfat Marine forces? (Page 3-4)
  15. What in addition to air facilities are responsible for performing the levels of maintenance designated by the Marine Corps Tables of Organization and for providing flight line services for transient aircraft? (Page 3-5)
  16. What detachments perform their own maintenance? (Page 3-6)
  17. COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (AIR-6.6) is responsible for managing what? (Page 3-6)
  18. Any NAMPSOP program not applicable to the special activity shall be approved by what? (Page 3-7)
  19. Only D-level FRCs may generate Local Command Procedures using what format? (Page 3-7)
    OPNAVINST 5215.17
  20. What can detect defects with a high degree of accuracy and with no adverse affect upon the use of the part or system being inspected? (Page 3-7)
    Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) Program
  21. Contractor NDI personnel shall be certified per what unless otherwise stated within specific contract stipulations? (Page 3-8)
    NAS 410
  22. What instruction assigns the responsibilities within COMNAVAIRSYSCOM for the various elements of the NDI Program? (Page 3-8)
    NAVAIRINST 13070.1
  23. What provides a record of certification and recertification of NDI technicians and operators? (Page 3-10)
    NDI Certification Record (CNAF 4790/139)
  24. The Naval Aircraft NDI Technician school and FRCs shall retain records of training materials used, test given, and individual test scores for a minimum of how long? (Page 3-10)
    3 Years
  25. NDI instructors are military or civilian personnel who have completed Instructional Delivery Continuum Journeyman Instructor Training course (What course number?) or equivalent. (Page 3-11)
    Course A-012-0077
  26. NDI technicians are navy aviation structural mechanics and Marine Corps structures mechanics, of grade what and above, who have successfully completed the Naval Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Technician Class C1 course (C-603-3191)? (Page 3-12)
  27. NDI technicians, normally attached to an IMA/FRC, are assigned what NEC or MOS 6033 and may be certified to perform fluorescent, penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic, and radiographic NDI methods? (Page 3-12)
    NEC 7225
  28. Current certification of NDI technicians regularly engaged in all NDI methods may be extended by the ACC/TYCOM for up to how long if circumstances warrant? (Page 3-12)
    1 year
  29. Who are navy and Marine Corps personnel, of grade E-4 and above, who have successfully completed required training and may be certified to perform limited NDI tasks? (Page 3-13)
    NDI operators
  30. Task-specific training shall be provided in an amount that will vary with complexity of the TD/technical publication directed NDI tasks, but shall not be less than how long for the first aeronautical part, assembly, or structural feature listed? (Page 3-13)
    4 Hours
  31. NDI technicians shall maintain X-ray proficiency by performing radiographic images X-ray inspections at least how often? (Page 3-14)
  32. For activities authorized to perform open facility X-ray, all NDI technicians shall participate in at least one open facility X-ray inspection (either through normal workload or to maintain proficiency) every how often? (Page 3-14)
    3 Months
  33. NDI technicians with proficiency lapses exceeding how many consecutive months, but less than 3 years, require refresher training that must be administered by a FRC or NDI specialist to re-establish certification? (Page 3-14)
  34. newly certified NDI technicians shall require at least how many months of supervised work experience before assignment at an activity without any experienced NDI technicians? (Page 3-15)
  35. All personnel handling cartridges, CADs, pyrotechnics, and what fall under the Explosives Handling Personnel Qualification and Certification Program? (Page 3-16)
  36. COMNAVAIRSYSCOM manages the Aircraft Confined Space Program per what? (Page 3-17)
    NAVAIR 01-1A-35
  37. What provides a unique application of reconnaissance and surveillance through the use of recoverable and highly versatile airborne systems? (Page 3-17)
    UAS Program
  38. What authorizes maintenance procedures performed under combat conditions? (Page 3-17)
    Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR)
  39. For repairs not contained in ABDR publications, maintenance personnel may perform ABDR actions only when directed by whom? (Page 3-18)
    D-level engineers
  40. What is the title of the overall program which provides the data required for the effective management of SE at all levels of aircraft maintenance? (Page 3-19)
    AMMRL Program
  41. The Aircraft Maintenance material Readiness List (AMMRL) Program covers over how many end items of aircraft maintenance SE and OTPS elements (IMRL items) used throughout the Navy and Marine Corps by aircraft maintenance activities? (Page 3-19)
  42. Required rework of SE beyond the capability of the IMA/FRC shall be performed under the provisions of what instruction at the next level of maintenance, normally an FRC or commercial contractor? (Page 3-19)
    NAVAIRINST 13680.1
  43. D-level calibration program functions are described in what instruction? (Page 3-19)
    NAVAIRINST 13640.1
  44. What shall develop required O-level and I-level SE maintenance training courses for user activities as approved by CNO (N98)? (Page 3-22)
  45. Who is responsible for D-level rework, modification, and calibration of SE scheduled into the FRC under NAVAIRINST 13680.1 and NAVAIRINST 13640.1 (Page 3-23)
    FRC CO
  46. Assignment of ICPs for SE may be found in what publication? (Page 3-23)
    NAVSUP Publication 485
  47. What are activities assigned responsibility by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM to perform specified maintenance engineering functions for SE? (Page 3-24)
    SE ISSCs
  48. An IMRL is constructed for all Navy and Marine Corps aviation maintenance activities by extracting applicable portions of the data from what? (Page 3-25)
  49. What contains detailed IMRL information? (Page 3-25)
    NAVAIRINST 13650.1
  50. IMRLs are presented in how many sections, with a monthly supplement? (Page 3-25)
  51. What maintains inventory, utilization, and readiness data for SE and IMRL items? (Page 3-26)
  52. The Support Equipment Transaction Report (what form) is used by IMRL activities for SE transaction reporting? (Page 3-27)
    CNAF 4790/64
  53. Although continuous management control of SE is maintained by timely submission of TRs, an inventory of SE must be conducted, records corrected, and a report submitted how often? (Page 3-27)
  54. What has management responsibility for the CM Program? (Page 3-27)
  55. What establishes policy and procedures for configuration identification and management of necessary engineering changes with respect to content, cost, evaluation, timing of processing, and implementation? (Page 3-27)
    NAVAIRINST 4130.1
  56. What will be the governing and primary screening tool for TD compliance of all aircraft and aircraft engines? (Page 3-27)
    NAVAIR 00-500C
  57. What is a process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance and functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life? (Page 3-28)
  58. What direct the modification or one-time inspection of all COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (including field activities) procured equipment, in either the contractor's, Navy's, Marine Corps units? (Page 3-28)
  59. What is used for recording, by specific aircraft, engine, and equipment, the applicability and incorporated or not incorporated data for all TDs requiring logbook/records or CM ALS records update? (Page 3-28)
    TDSA Program
  60. At any given time, the annotated List No. 02 and current what will reflect the TD status of aircraft? (Page 3-31)
    List No. 04
  61. Appropriate flight clearances are obtained from COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (AIR-5.1) per what instruction? (Page 3-31)
    OPNAVINST 3710.7
  62. What provides the means to ensure aircraft weight and center of gravity remain within established limits? (Page 3-32)
    W & B Program
  63. W & B personnel shall weigh aircraft per what, and the weighing instructions in Chart E for the specific T/M/S aircraft? (Page 3-34)
    NAVAIR 01-1B-50
  64. W & B personnel shall maintain, for at least how long, a record of the basic weight and moment at time of weighing and at time of delivery for all aircraft weighed at the facility? (Page 3-34)
    5 years
  65. Responsibilities for W & B clearance for flight operations, including ferry flights, are in what instruction? (Page 3-35)
    OPNAVINST 3710.7
  66. Specific IMA/FRC gas turbine engine three-degree assignments are in what? (Page 3-35)
    NAVAIR NOTE 4700
  67. What is a disciplined logic which establishes required failure management strategies? (page 3-36)
  68. IMAs/FRCs will accomplish and document engine, engine accessory, and component teardown inspections per requirements established by the what? (Page 3-36)
  69. If the required maintenance action is within the receiving IMAs/FRCs capability, the engine should be inducted into the repair cycle within how many days of receipt? (Page 3-36)
  70. What is rework of repairable components performed by one service for another? (Page 3-40)
    Interservice support
  71. What is intended to ensure proper fleet introduction of new or modified ALSS? (Page 3-40)
  72. What issues the policies, procedures, and responsibilities for activities supporting or performing ordnance maintenance? (Page 3-40)
    OPNAVINST 8000.16
  73. Activities operating and maintaining laser equipment shall establish a Laser Hazard Control Program per what instructions? (Page 3-41)
    OPNAVINST 5100.27/MCO 5104.1
  74. GFE will usually have a WUC of what or higher? (Page 3-42)
  75. What is a relocatable tactical shelter? (Page 3-42)
    Mobile Facility (MF)
  76. Management responsibility of the MF Program is assigned by what instruction? (Page 3-42)
    NAVAIRINST 13670.1
  77. The primary accountability for aviation MFs and major related equipment is the what? (Page 3-42)
  78. The allowance document for Navy MFs is the mobile facility page of the what? (Page 3-42)
  79. Materials beyond the repair capability of the IMA, including the manufacture of parts, shall be referred to the what for further action? (Page 3-45)
  80. What established a process to evaluate the material condition of fleet aircraft? (Page 3-46)
    ASPA Program
  81. What instruction requires an ASPA evaluation between 6 months prior to and 3 months after PED of each ASPA aircraft to determine its general material condition relative to established induction criteria? (Page 3-46)
    OPNAVINST 3110.11
  82. As a general guideline no more than how many months should elapse between the ASPA inspection and the resulting adjusted PED? (Page 3-46)
  83. Those activities with complements of more than how many aircraft may schedule up to 10 percent of total complement simultaneously for ASPA evaluation? (Page 3-47)
  84. OPNAVINST 3110.11 requires rework induction not later than how many days after the current PED when the ASPA evaluation determines the aircraft general material condition satisfies rework induction criteria? (Page 3-47)
  85. What program includes aircraft conversion, service life extension, update, expansion or change of mission capability, and improvement of combat capability? (Page 3-47)
    Conversion In Lieu Of Procurement Program
  86. What program includes incorporation of D-level technical directives, inspection of aircraft for corrosion damage and repair as required, and evaluation of the material condition of the aircraft pain system? (Page 3-48)
  87. What program is the removal of installed equipment from a stricken or damaged aircraft or engine prior to disposal? (Page 3-48)
  88. What program is the restoration or replacement of primary aircraft structures that have reached fatigue life limits? (page 3-48)
  89. What program provides for accurate fatigue life tracking of individual aircraft component service life limits specified as fatigue indexes rather than flight hour limits? (Page 3-48)
  90. The SAFE Program are published how often by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM? (Page 3-48)
  91. What program provides policy and assigns responsibilities to assure continuing structural safety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft throughout their assigned service life? (Page 3-48)
    Structural Life Limits
  92. All levels of maintenance are responsible for ensuring structural life limited items and components do not exceed the specified limits per NAVAIRINST 13120.1 for fixed wing and what instruction for rotary wing aircraft? (Page 3-48)
    NAVAIRINST 13130.1
  93. What program provides an on-condition inspection developed to address special requirements of F/A-18 series aircraft? (Page 3-48)
  94. Aircraft and components having life limits with reoccurring inspections (by BUNO) not listed in the Service Life Bulletins or MRC decks will be identified as what, via naval message, du to the lack of a structural repair manual? (Page 3-49)
    LLR components
  95. Certified welders shall complete the minimum required OFT per what prior to being allowed to weld on aeronautical components? (Page 3-50)
    NAVAIR 01-1A-34
  96. The recertification interval for I-level aeronautical welders is how long for both military and civilian personnel? (Page 3-50)
    1 year
  97. Proficiency demonstration and sustained certification requires Welder's Log documentation from the Work Center Supervisor or a QAR that the welder has welded at least 1 ferrous and 1 non-ferrous item every how many days in any process? (Page 3-50)
  98. ACC/TYCOMs may extend certification of welders for a maximum of how many days in cases where test welds have been submitted but results and recertification documentation have not been received from the cognizant examination and evaluation facility? (Page 3-50)
  99. What is a shore-based, Aviation Weapons Support System that permits deployment of landing force aircraft within effective range of ground forces? (Page 3-51)
    Expeditionary Airfield (EAF)
  100. What program provides specific guidance for requesting P & E services for aircraft sustaining damage or deterioration by some means other than a mishap? (Page 3-51)
    Planner and Estimator (P & E) Services
  101. What instruction sets forth procedures to be used for aircraft eligible for ASPA? (Page 3-51)
    NAVAIRINST 4730.10
  102. D-level man-hours in excess of how many man-hours will require approval of TYCOM/COMNAVAIRFOR (N421) due to funding allocations? (Page 3-52)
  103. All damaged aircraft prior to induction for rework/repair shall be preserved per what, regardless of physical location, to prevent further deterioration of material condition? (Page 3-53)
    NA 15-01-500
  104. The objective of the what program is to establish policy, responsibilities, and requirements for monitoring equipment conditions in an effort to sustain a satisfactory level of aircraft survivability equipment/systems readiness? (page 3-53)
  105. Conduct reviews of the CPI deployment strategy and implementation progress to ensure continued alignment with organizational goals and objectives at least how often? (Page 3-55)
  106. The primary objective of any what, is to protect exposed surfaces and components against corrosion and other forms of deterioration? (Page 3-57)
    Paint System
  107. What provides maximum flexibility, weather ability, and resistance to all aircraft fluids? (Page 3-57)
  108. What topcoat is an alternate authorized for touch-up of polyurethane at O-level and I-level, only when polyurethane is not available, or when prohibited by specific directives? (Page 3-57)
    Epoxy polyamide
  109. Protection standards limit work place unprotected exposure of Hexamethylene Diisocyanates or Toluene Diisocyanate to a concentration of what PPM averaged over an 8-hour period? (Page 3-57)
  110. Only supplied-air respirators are used for touch-up operations requiring a quantity of paint greater than what per 8-hour period for paints that contain isocyanates? (Page 3-58)
    8 ounces
  111. Prevention of what is one of the more important requirements of the NAMP? (Page 3-60)
  112. What provides instructions for initial preservation treatment, preservation maintenance procedures, and necessary depreservation steps? (Page 3-60)
    NAVAIR 15-01-500
  113. No one, other than what team, is allowed access to stricken aircraft? (Page 3-61)
    IMA/RC Reclamation
  114. What tracks location and status (installed, uninstalled, RFI, and non-rfi) of engines, propulsion systems, and modules world wide, and provides reasons for any changes? (Page 3-62)
  115. What is a module of NDMS and is designed to gather all basic information generated by maintenance personnel through documentation procedures, data automation and storage techniques, and common data retrieval routines? (Page 3-62)
  116. What is an automated management information system which provides for standardized local management of IMRL assets? (Page 3-62)
  117. What is a system for the recall and reporting of test equipment by means of automatic data processing techniques? (Page 3-63)
  118. What provides O-level, I-level, and ASD activities with a modern, real time, responsive, computer based MIS? (Page 3-63)
  119. What is the Navy's major logistics information system used in support of the COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Life Cycle Logistics System? (Page 3-64)
  120. What is a microcomputer based asset control system for SE? (Page 3-64)
  121. What is a production control system used by the FRC to schedule, induct, and control D-level workload? (Page 3-64)
  122. What is an MIS based on the collection, download, analysis, and visualization of available aircraft systems data to provide quantifiable and actionable information that can be used to enhance naval aviation readiness through improved maintenance, operational, safety, and training efficiencies? (Page 3-64)
  123. Who shall ensure trending and analysis policies and procedures are executed within the maintenance activity per T/M/S instructions? (Page 3-66)
  124. Who shall provide trending and analysis reports for Maintenance Department use and per T/M/S instructions? Page 3-66)
  125. What relationship is a relationship which exists between senior personnel and their subordinates? (Page 3-67)
  126. What are designated functional areas to which maintenance personnel are assigned? (Page 3-68)
    Work Centers
  127. What comprises all departmental/organizational units responsible for providing I-level maintenance support ashore and afloat? (Page 3-68)
  128. Weapons Department organization and maintenance responsibilities appear in what instruction? (Page 3-68)
    OPNAVINST 8000.16
  129. The purpose of the what is to provide scheduled control of the predictable maintenance workload? (Page 3-69)
  130. The O-level MMP shall be distributed by the what of the month prior to the month to which it applies? (Page 3-70)
  131. What concerns the civilian personnel employed in the FRCs? (Page 3-71)
    Manpower management
  132. What is defined as work which contributes directly to the material value of the specific product involved? (Page 3-73)
    Direct Labor
  133. What is defined as work which is readily chargeable to, or identifiable with, a specific product but is incidental to and in support of the direct work and does not contribute directly to the material value of the product? (Page 3-73)
    Indirect Labor
  134. What term, as used in industrial engineering, is defined as a specific combination of working environment, plant layout, materials, tools, equipment, and the motion patterns involved in accomplishing a given operation or task? (Page 3-73)
    Indirect Labor
  135. Overall position management effectiveness is the responsibility of whom? (Page 3-73)
  136. By public law, what act establishes broad general authority for training and development of employees of most federal agencies? (Page 3-73)
    Government Employees Training Act
  137. Under the CO's direction, all local unit training will include appropriate elements of OPNAVINST 5100.19 and what else? (Page 3-74)
    OPNAVINST 5100.23
  138. One of the primary duties of every CO and MO is the responsibility of ensuring all aeronautical equipment that can be repaired within their cognizance is repaired and returned to what status? (Page 3-75)
  139. Officers assigned to the MO and the MMCO billets shall remain in these billets for a minimum of how long? (Page 3-75)
    1 year
  140. AIRSpeed CPI team members shall be Green Belt/LCIP certified within how many months of assignment? (Page 3-81)
  141. Personnel assigned to the AIRSpeed CIP Work Center should be assigned for a minimum how many months? (Page 3-81)
  142. For the Marine Corps, Maintenance Material Control is called what? (Page 3-84)
    Production Control
  143. Who is responsible to the MO for the overall productive effort and material support of the department and division? (Page 3-85)
  144. Supply Corps officers assigned to a deployable squadron will be assigned as the what? (Page 3-88)
    Material Control Officer
  145. Who is responsible for the external condition to aircraft with regard to cleanliness and the day-to-day detection and reporting of corrosion attack and the failure of protective coatings? (Page 3-92)
    Line Division Officer
  146. COs shall ensure, as a minimum requirement, all unrestricted line officers assigned to the Squadron Maintenance Department attend the appropriate CENNAVAVNTECHTRA courses prior to or within how many days after assuming their duties? (Page 3-92)
  147. The Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Management course (Course C-4D-2013) is designed for personnel possessing at least what amount of aviation maintenance or aviation maintenance support experience? (Page 3-92)
    2 years
  148. Who facilitates the implementation of the CPI strategic plan in support of organizational goals? (Page 3-93)
    AIRSpeed Officer
  149. The AIRSpeed Officer shall be assigned for how many months and attain a Green Belt/LCIP certification? (Page 3-93)
  150. Whose charter is to maintain assigned aircraft and aeronautical equipment in an RFT status while providing training for those in the Maintenance Department to improve the maintenance process? (Page 3-94)
  151. Who supervises the establishment and functions of all maintenance areas, maintenance personnel core qualifications, and their MOS development within a fixed wing/heli-copter/tilt-rotor/UAV maintenance squadron or repair activity? (Page 3-97)
    Aircraft Maintenance Chief
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