Elite SAT Vocab 1901 - 1950

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  1. encompass
    to surround; to include
  2. rectify
    to set right; to correct
  3. fop
    a man who is preoccupied with his clothes and manners
  4. propound
    to suggest for consideration; to propose
  5. scrupulous
    conscientious and exact; having principles
  6. keen
    having a sharp edge; perceptive
  7. hodgepodge
    mixture; combination
  8. quaff
    to drink quickly or with enthusiasm
  9. accelerate
    to increase speed
  10. evince
    to give outward evidence of; to display clearly
  11. admonish
    to warn so a fault can be corrected or a danger avoided
  12. augment
    to make greater, in size, extent, or quantity
  13. aggravate
    to worsen
  14. modicum
    a small amount
  15. bombast
    pompous speech
  16. encore
    again, once more; a second performance; an audience's call for a second performance
  17. veneer
    an attractive, ultimately misleading outward show; thin layer
  18. sacrosanct
    very sacred, holy, or inviolable
  19. prolix
    wordy and tedious
  20. balm
    anything healing or soothing
  21. traverse
    to travel over or through
  22. hymn
    a religious song; a song of praise
  23. impetus
    an impelling or originating force
  24. eponym
    a person after whom a place, people, disease, etc. is named
  25. ravenous
    very hungry
  26. trivial
    of little worth or importance
  27. suave
    effortlessly smooth and courteous in social situations
  28. tenure
    holding or possession of an office or property; guaranteed permanent employment, esp. as teacher
  29. supplicate
    to request with great humility, as though by praying
  30. tendentious
    having a bias; favoring a cause (usually in print)
  31. felicitous
    well chosen; appropriate
  32. philology
    literary study, esp. as it involves the editing of texts and the history of languages
  33. propriety
    good manners; proper behavior
  34. whet
    to sharpen; to make keen
  35. prognosis
    the anticipated progress of recovery
  36. cursory
    superficially done; performed rapidly
  37. miasma
    a noxious or poisonous atmosphere
  38. mot juste
    exactly the right word or expression
  39. unconscionable
    beyond reason; not restrained by conscience
  40. welter
    a confused mass or jumble
  41. quizzical
    puzzled, questioning
  42. appall
    to horrify
  43. flounder
    to proceed with clumsiness and confusion
  44. procrustean
    showing merciless disregard for individual difference or special circumstances
  45. cacophony
    a harsh, jarring sound
  46. transient
    passing with time; remaining only briefly
  47. carp
    to complain; to seek fault, esp. over unimportant matters
  48. synopsis
    a short summary that outlines the main points of something
  49. brandish
    to shake or wave, as of a weapon; to show threateningly
  50. ample
    enough, or more than enough; plentiful
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