more scene 5

  1. o but it is moring and the lark sings badly you have to go go get out of here more and more light comes
    • with more light comes more pain
  2. Heather: Child
  3. Heather: Your mom is coming to your room and it is moring so look awake
    Window let light in and life out
  4. Krishna: good bye gimme a kiss and i'll leave
    are you gone my googly bear you must send me text messages everyday o my im going to be old, wrinkly, and ugly by the time i see you again
  5. goodbye cupcake i'll text u every time i can
    do you think we will ever see each other again?
  6. Absolutely nothing can keep us apart for long
    omg im having a vision i think i see you below dead in a tomb ahhhhhhh you look dead
  7. whoa in my eyes you do too our sadness drains the blood from our body making us look dead
    o fortune bring my romeo back to me
  8. Savannah: daughter are you up?
    who's there o its my mom why is she here what makes her come see me
  9. Savannah: how are you Juliet
    I'm o mommy i dont feel so good
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more scene 5