that's english modulo 5 unit 1-3

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  1. a relaxed lifestyle.
    un modo de vida relajado

  2. quedarse con amigos
    We’re staying with friends but my girlfriend and I are looking for our own apartment.
  3. querer quedarse
    We’ve only been here for six months but we want to stay.
  4. deportes al aire libre
    outdoor sports

    I’ve always loved outdoor sports like canoeing and climbing, and, since I came here, I’ve learnt to surf.
  5. al final de la lista 
    el ultimo de la cola
    • Well, it’s been hard to find a job.
    • Companies prefer to give jobs to New Zealanders. When you’re an immigrant, you’re at the back of the queue.
  6. atestado
    lleno de gente
    crowded /ˈkraʊdɪd/

    • Well, Singapore is so crowded that it’s no fun living there. New Zealand, on the other hand, is quiet and relaxed, and has fabulous
    • scenery.
  7. me encanta todo esto
    • love all that. It’s why I’m here. I’ve got a great job here in Auckland, too. Although I’ve only
    • been here for eight months, I know that I’ll stay.
  8. la mayor ciudad
    • The city is so multicultural.
    • It’s the largest city on the North Island, and almost 20% of the population is from Asia, and
    • about a quarter is Maori or from the Pacific Islands. As a result, there are great ethnic restaurants and there are interesting cultural
    • festivals.
  9. me resulta mas fácil hacer amigos
    • Yes and no! Ordinary NewZealanders – or Kiwis as they call themselves – are friendly
    • and helpful, but they don’t make friends easily. Because I’m Asian, many people take a stereotypical view of me, which isn’t true. I find it easier to make friends with other
    • immigrants. They understand how it feels to be new.
  10. habitos y costumbre
    the different habits and customs of a foreign country.

  11. actividades de tiempo libre
    Free time activities
  12. email

    Hi Anna,
    I’m in India. I’ve been here for a month and
    I’m working on an environmental project
    • talk about
    • where you are
    • what you are doing there
    • what you do in your free time
    • what are your free time activity
    • what customs are different in this culture
  13. talk about culture
    on the one hand/ on the other hand
    in conclusion
  14. although I was born in England, I feel still Irish as well as English. That’s because my parents are both from Ireland, (3) however all my friends are from London. I’ve spent
    • a lot of time in both countries. My grandparents aren’t alive anymore, but when I was young, we often went to Ireland to visit them. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages for me with both cultures.  On the one hand,  I can enjoy the art and music of two countries, and I support England at fooball and  Ireland at rugby! On the other hand,  I don’t really know where I want to live. I feel very Irish in London but  very English in Dublin.  In conclusion, I feel lucky that I have
    • spent my life enjoying two cultures.
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