muscle movement

  1. Flexion
    bending a joint
  2. Extension
    straightening a joint
  3. Abduction
    away from the midline
  4. Adduction
    towards the midline
  5. Elevation
    raising a body part
  6. Depression
    lowering a body part
  7. Rotation
    moving a body part around its axis (turning head side to side)
  8. Protraction
    moving a body part anteriorly (to the front)
  9. Retraction
    moving a body part posteriorly (to the back)
  10. Pronation
    turning the palm posteriorly
  11. Supination
    turning the palm of the hand anteriorly
  12. Circumduction
    circular movement such as the shoulder joint.  It combines flexion, extension, abduction, and adduction.
  13. Opposition
    opposable thumbs (tool use)
  14. Inversion
    turning the sole of the foot upward
  15. Eversion
    turning the sloe of the foot outward
  16. Dorsiflexion
    flexing the ankle such that the superior surface of the foot pulls up toward the shin
  17. Planter Flexion
    extending the ankle (pointing the toes)
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