1. TSCA Section 4
    requires the development of test data on existing chemicals when

    • 1. manufacture, processing, distribution use or disposal of the chemical may present an unreasonable risk.
    • 2. the chemical is produced in very large volumes and potential for substantial quantity to be released into the environment or for substantial or significant human exposure
  2. Section 5
    prevent future risks through pre-market screening and regulatory tracking of new chemical products

    (90 day notice prior to producing or introducing a new chemical to US)
  3. Section 6-EPA Authority Rule
    -controlls unreasonable risks already know or as they are discovered for existing chemicals

    • 1. prohibits or limits production in commerce or for a particular use
    • 2. limits volume or concentration produced
  4. Section 8
    gather and disseminate information about chemical production, use and possible adverse effects to human health and environment
  5. Section 12
    export notification requirements
  6. Section 13
    mandates TSCA enforcement at the national borders (import/export control)
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Review of TSCA statutes.