chapter 15 m405 exam 3

  1. Nature of Information Search
    • Internal- if a satisfaction is know, what types of solution, and compare solutions
    • external- search is focused on external information relevant to solving problems
  2. types of information sought
    • evaluative criterion- what features you want in the product characteristic that meet your needs
    • appropriate alternatives- different option when look at products
  3. source of information
    • internet (it gives consumers unprecedented access to information)
    • ¬† Behavioral targeting- involves tracking consumer patterns on a website and using that information to decide on banner aid placement¬†
    • ¬† Search engine optimization- involves techniques designed to ensure that a company's webpage "are accessible to search engines and focused in ways that help improve change.'
  4. Market Characteristics (KNOW)
    • number of alternatives- more there are better for consumer
    • price range- things that are in similar price range must differ them self from competitor
    • store distribution-this effect the number of store visits
    • information availability
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chapter 15 m405 exam 3