Elite SAT Vocab 1651-1700

  1. vestige
    a trace of something that once existed but has disappeared
  2. pseudonym
    a fictitious name assumed by an author
  3. itinerary
    a route or proposed route for a journey
  4. veritable
    being truly named; real or genuine
  5. inconsequential
  6. relic
    a surviving trace of a culture or period that no longer exists
  7. litigant
    one who is engaged in a lawsuit
  8. bemuse
    to confuse or stupefy
  9. scaffold
    a temporary platform used in work on a building
  10. mitigate
    to improve by lessening the severity of
  11. stringent
    imposing strict standards of performance; constricted
  12. reprieve
    to postpone or cancel punishment
  13. pore
    to read or study carefully (used with "over")
  14. assiduous
    diligent; hard-working; constant
  15. acquit
    to declare free of guilt; to clear
  16. tightfisted
    stingy; miserly
  17. woe
    deep distress or misery; misfortune
  18. quiescent
    inactive, often suggesting a temporary state
  19. cohesion
    the act or state of uniting or sticking together
  20. utilitarian
    stressing practical use over other values
  21. bandy
    to pass (gossip, rumor, etc.) about freely and carelessly
  22. definitive
  23. fracas
    a noisy fight
  24. taciturn
    almost always silent; not liking to talk
  25. dilemma
    a situation in which one must choose between two equally bad alternatives
  26. laudable
    worthy of praise
  27. pertinent
  28. ramshackle
    about to fall apart or fall down
  29. temper
    to bring down in tone; to moderate; to soften
  30. beset
    to attack from all sides; to trouble persistently
  31. excavate
    to expose to view by digging out
  32. tenable
    able to be maintained in argument; rationally defensible; able to be held against assault; defensible
  33. profligate
    immorally wasteful
  34. tact
    skill in dealing with others, esp. in difficult situations
  35. acute
    sharp; clever; severe
  36. tabulate
    to count
  37. travail
    painfully difficult work; pain or suffering from mental or physical hardship
  38. abhor
    to detest; to shrink from in disgust
  39. propitiate
    to appease or placate
  40. upbraid
    to criticize sharply, esp. by a figure of authority
  41. quarantine
    • (n) enforced isolation to prevent the spread of disease
    • (v) to isolate for such purpose
  42. ricochet
    to rebound at least once from a surface
  43. salubrious
    favorable to good health
  44. anodyne
    a pain-killer or anesthetic
  45. uncouth
    uncultured; crude
  46. torpid
    inactive; sluggish; dormant
  47. epidemiology
    the branch of medicine that studies the causes, spread, and control of disease in populations
  48. despondent
    so sad as to lack all hope
  49. decimate
    to destroy or kill a large part of (a group)
  50. aggrandize
    to enlarge; to increase in size, power, or rank
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Elite SAT Vocab 1651-1700
Elite SAT Vocab 1651-1700