Elite SAT Vocab 1601-1650

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  1. evanescent
    fading from sight; transient
  2. fulcrum
    the point on which a lever pivots; a crucial point or agent
  3. flotsam
    wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on the sea
  4. lambent
    flickering, e.g., of a flame or light reflected on a surface
  5. figment
    something that is created; something that is imagined
  6. petty
    having secondary rank or importance
  7. congenial
    suited to one's needs or nature; friendly; sympathetic
  8. pandemic
    • (adj) general, widespread
    • (n) a very widespread disease
  9. recidivist
    one who returns to criminal habits
  10. martyr
    one who chooses to die rather than to give up religious beliefs, or who suffers greatly to further a cause
  11. avert
    to turn away
  12. lacuna
    an empty space or missing portion
  13. opine
    to express an opinion
  14. inaugurate
    to formally bring into office at the beginning of a term
  15. jeremiad
    an elaborate and lengthy tale of sadness
  16. venal
    capable of being bribed or corrupted
  17. contempt
    a feeling that something is low or disgusting
  18. analogy
    a similarity between things that are otherwise dissimilar
  19. decree
    • (v) to order with the force of law
    • (n) an official order
  20. tacit
    unspoken but understood; silent
  21. camaraderie
    loyalty; a warm, friendly feeling among members of a group
  22. raconteur
    one who tells stories with skill
  23. hirsute
    having excessive body hair
  24. hypocrisy
    the pretense of having virtues or beliefs that one does not really have
  25. preponderance
    superiority in weight, force, importance or influence
  26. recalcitrant
    marked by stubborn defiance of authority or guidance
  27. punctilious
    careful about every detail of behavior
  28. obituary
    a newspaper account of a person's death, usually including biographical information
  29. supercilious
    feeling or showing proud contempt; smug; arrogant
  30. turmoil
    extreme confusion; uproar
  31. torrid
    parched with heat; ardent or passionate
  32. dogmatic
    arrogantly asserting unproved principles
  33. recimination
    a reply to one charge with a countercharge
  34. viscous
    resistant to flow; thick (of a liquid)
  35. spurious
    not genuine; false
  36. revile
    to attack with harsh language
  37. abeyance
    a suspension of activity
  38. genesis
    birth; beginning; origin
  39. amenable
    response to advice or authority
  40. blase
    indifferent or bored with life; unimpressed as if because of too much worldly experience
  41. pugnacious
    belligerent, ready to fight
  42. stultify
    to cause to lose interest, become bored, or feel dull and not alert
  43. inert
    unable to move or respond; sluggish
  44. subjudgate
    to bring under control; to conquer
  45. sodden
    thoroughly wet, drenched
  46. castigate
    to criticize severely, esp. in public
  47. convoluted
    intricate; complicated
  48. deplore
    to feel or express strong disapproval of
  49. paramount
    supreme; ranking higher than others in power or importance
  50. wayward
    stubbornly going against what is expected or required in order to satisfy one's own desires
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