BIB314 Angelology & Eschatology

  1. List the 3 problems related to the study of Angels.
    • 1. Silence of Scripture
    • 2. Accuracy of Interpretation
    • 3. Superstition and Mythology
  2. The word "malak" in Hebre and "angelos" in Greek both mean:
    a messenger
  3. What is the Scriptural view as to the origin of angels:
    Angels are individual created creatures made by God
  4. The Hebrew word for Satan means the __________ __________ __________ , adversary, or an opponent. The Greek word for Satan means the __________, devil, or slanderer.
    • arch-enemy of good
    • accuser
  5. List the 12 names that are given to Satan in Scripture:
    • Satan
    • Devil
    • Dragon
    • Serpent
    • Beelzebub
    • Belial
    • Lucifer
    • The wivked one
    • The Tempter
    • The God of this World
    • The prince of the power of the air
    • The prince of the world
  6. What are the 3 things given as the reason for Satan's fall:
    • PRIDE
    • arrogance
    • conceit
  7. Although Scripture is silent on the exact time of the fall, it is clear that the fall of the angels occurred before:
    the fall of man in Genesis 3
  8. What are the 5 areas of ministry to angels to men?
    • They protect and deliver God's people
    • They guide and encourage God's servants
    • They interpret God's will to men
    • They are the executors of judgment towards individuals
    • They carry the saved home
  9. Eschatology is the science of __________.
    last things
  10. The word "Rapture" occurs how many times in the Scriptures?
  11. In the Rapture, Christ comes in the air __________ His saints. In the Revelation, Christ comes __________ His Saints.
    • for
    • with
  12. The term "judgment seat of Christ" is found only in __________ and __________.
    • Romans 14:10
    • II Corinthians 5:10
  13. Where will the Judgment take place?
    In the Lord's presence
  14. The purpose of the Judgment Seat of Christ will be to determine the destiny of the souls of men. True / False
  15. What are the five crowns that are spoken of in the Scriptures?
    • Incorruptible Crown
    • Crown of Rejoicing
    • Crown of Righteousness
    • Crown of Life
    • Crown of Glory
  16. The first great purpose of the tribulation is to prepare the nation of Israel for her __________.
  17. Wat period of time does the phrase "the times of the Gentiles" cover?
    Time beginning in 606 B.C. when Daniel was carried to Babylon and will continue until Jesus comes back to setup his kingdom
  18. What do the following portions of the image of Daniel two represent?
    • Head of Gold = Babylonian Empire
    • Breat & Arms of Silver = Media - Persia Empire
    • Abdomen & Thighs of Brass = Grecian Empire
    • Legs of Iron = Roman Empire
    • Feet of Iron & Clay = 10 toes / 10 countries in the end times
  19. Waht do the 4 horses of Revelation 6 represent?
    • The White Horse = The Judgment of False Peace
    • The Red Horse = The Judgment of War and Bloodshed
    • The Black Horse = The Judgment of Famine
    • The Pale Horse = The Judgment of Death
  20. How many pennies (Roman denarius) would be common for a person to receive for a day's work?
  21. At what judgment is death finally destroyed?
    The Fourth Seal
  22. The Sixth Seal judgment becomes so terrible that the people hid themselves in the dens and the rocks of the mountains and actually beg for what?
    For the mountain and the rocks to fall on them and kill them
  23. "Half an hour" simply denotes an exceedingly brief period during which __________ __________ is suspended.
    judicial action
  24. Both the Hebrew word "abaddon" and the Greek word "apollyon" mean __________.
  25. What are the sins of which the ones of Rev. 9:20-21 will not repent?
    • Idolatry
    • Murder
    • Sorcery
    • Stealing
    • Fornication
  26. It is indicated that drug addiction in the tribulation period will be a means employed by the Antichrist to make the population __________ to his will.
  27. What does the word "sore" in the first Vial Judgment indicate?
    an ulcer or cancerous type disease
  28. The result of the Fifth Vial Judgment brings __________ and causes the followers of the beast to __________ their tongues, bringing great pain.
    • darkness
    • gnaw
  29. To whom does the phrase "The Kings of the East" have reference to?
    The oriental ruler who will descend upon the middle east for the final world conflict (battle of armageddon)
  30. Armageddon means __________ __ __________.
    mount of slaughter
  31. __________ in the Hebrew corresponds to the Greek word Armageddon.
  32. In the seventh vial judgment a great voice out of the Temple in heaven and from the throne simply states, " ___ ___ __________"
    It is Done
  33. Revelation 4:5 gives a final warning of the worst __________ that has ever shaken the earth.
  34. According to John Walvoord, the hail stones of Rev. 16:21 would weigh about ____ __________.
    100 pounds
  35. The destruction of Babylon represents the judgment of false __________.
  36. Why is the apostate church of Rev. 17 called Mystery Babylon?
    Because of its origin
  37. When the Antichrist breaks his covenant with Israel, he will also break his relationship with the __________ __________+.
    apostate church
  38. What was the reaction of the world over the destruction of Babylon?
    suprised / disappointed
  39. What was the reation of those in Heaven over the destruction of Babylon?
    Heaven rejoiced
  40. Although the kings of the earth and their armies are the ones to make war, it is __________ who slaughters and wins.
  41. Who will appear at the Great White Throne Judgment?
    • All the unsaved of all the ages.
    • The lost.
  42. When will the Great White Throne Judgment take place?
    After the millennium
  43. The term "thousand years" is found _____ times in Revelation 20.
  44. The term "theocracy" literally means a goverment of __________.
    GOD - RULE
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