Chapter 119

  1. Any unexpected or unintentional expulsion of a
    projectile from any firearm is called?
    Accidental discharge
  2. Incidents occurring while ____ or ____ shooting, which do not result in injury, are not included.
    • Hunting
    • Target
  3. Which command shall assign a supervisor to conduct a complete and thorough investigation of an accidental discharge?
    Shift Lieutenant
  4. A copy of the completed accidental discharge investigation and offense report shall be forwarded what department for review
    • The Office of Internal Affairs
    • Homicide Unit .
  5. What class is Intentional use of deadly force?
    Class 1
  6. What class is Intentional use of non-deadly force which is not likely to cause great bodily harm or death?
    Class 2
  7. What supervisor shall be in overall command of class 1 investigation (DEADLY FORCE)?
    Homicide Squad Supervisor
  8. Police Officer(s) involved in use of deadly force shall keep custody of their weapon(s) until ordered to surrender by?
    • Crime Scene Unit 
    • Homicide Squad Detective
  9. When can a Police Officer(s) involved in a shooting be questioned by any member of the Department?
    After "Miranda Warning" has been given and waived.
  10. When should the supervisor respond to the scene?
    • Injury requiring medical clearance. 
    • Complaint of Injury, whether visible or non-visible. 
    • Jail Refusal of admittance due to injury 
    • prisoner’s complaint of injury
  11. How often does The Internal Affairs Unit forward its' conclusions to the Chief of Police
    A quarterly report.
  12. What responses are used by an officer to overcome a person’s threatened or actual physical resistance to an officer’s performance of legal duty;
    defensive or controlling response
  13. Officers are authorized to use deadly force when the officers have probable cause
    to believe that deadly force is required
    To prevent death or great bodily harm

    To prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony where there is a risk of death or great bodily harm

    To prevent the escape of a fleeing felon
  14. What offense are Forcible Felonies



    Sexual battery



    Robbery, burglary,



    Aggravated assault, aggravated battery, aggravated stalking,

    Aircraft piracy,

    Unlawful throwing, placing or discharging of a destructive device or bomb,
  15. A FELON is a person who the officer has probable cause to believe has committed, or
    is committing a crime that is punishable under
    Florida State law by?
    death or imprisonment in excess of one year in a state penitentiary.
  16. Deadly force shall not be used against
    misdemeanants and traffic violators.
  17. Officers are justified in their response to resistance if that response is _____ _____ to affect the lawful arrest or to defend the
    member or other persons from bodily
    objectively reasonable
  18. What are the responsibilities of the sergeant of an officer involved shooting
    • Secure Scene
    • Detail Use of force in offense report
    • Ensure medical aide is provided
    • Detain possible witnesses
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