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  1. what is tissue weighting factor
    represents the relative tissue radiosensitivity of irradiated material
  2. what is radiation weighting factor
    is a number assigned to different types of ionizing radiations in order to better determine their effect on tissue
  3. Which of the following is (are) considered especially radiosensitive tissues?
    Bone marrow
    Intestinal crypt cells
  4. Possible responses to irradiation in utero include
    congenital anomalies
    childhood malignancies
    spontaneous abortion
  5. Stochastic effects of radiation include
    genetic alterations
  6. Somatic effects of radiation refer to effects that are manifested
    during the life of the exposed individual
  7. Which of the following is (are) considered long-term somatic effect(s) of exposure to ionizing radiation?
    Life-span shortening
  8. In the production of Bremsstrahlung radiation
    the incident electron is deflected, with resulting energy loss
  9. Which of the following cells is the least radiosensitive?
  10. LET is best defined as
    a method of expressing radiation quality
    a measure of the rate at which radiation energy is transferred to soft tissue
    absorption of polyenergetic radiation
    all three
  11. Isotopes are atoms that have the same
    atomic number but a different mass number
  12. The effects of radiation on biologic material depend on several factors. If a quantity of radiation is delivered to a body over a long
    period of time, the effect
    will be less than if it is delivered at one time
  13. The photoelectric effect is more likely to occur with
    absorbers having a high Z number
    high-energy incident photons
    positive contrast media
    • absorbers having high z number
    • poositive contrast media
  14. Early symptoms of acute radiation syndrome include
    nausea and vomiting
    1 and 2
  15. Biologic material is least sensitive to irradiation under which of the following conditions?
  16. What is likely to occur if 25 rad is accidentally delivered to a recently fertilized ovum?
    Spontaneous abortion
  17. In fluoroscopy, the automatic brightness control is used to adjust the
    kVp and mA
  18. Which of the following would be considered an advantage of using
    photospot camera film instead of cassette-loaded spot film to record
    conventional fluoroscopic images?
    Reduced patient dosage
  19. If a radiograph, made using AEC, is overexposed because an exposure
    shorter than the minimum response time was required, the radiographer
    generally should
    decrease the milliamperage
  20. All the following x-ray circuit devices are located between the
    incoming power supply and the primary coil of the high-voltage
    transformer except
    the milliamperage meter
  21. what three parts of the xray circuit are located on the primary low voltage side
    timer autotransformer and kv meter
  22. A type of laser used in CR scanners is
  23. Which of the following x-ray circuit devices operate(s) on the principle of mutual induction?
    High-voltage transformer
    Filament transformer
    first 2
  24. Which of the following is/are components of the secondary, or high voltage, side of the x-ray circuit?
    Rectification system
    kV meter
    rectification system
  25. Which of the following are typical sizes of fluoroscopic photospot camera film?
    70 mm and 105 mm
  26. Which of the following functions to increase the milliamperage?
    Increasing the heat of the filament
  27. Light-sensitive AEC devices are known as
  28. Which of the following devices is used to control voltage by varying resistance?
  29. Which of the following is a device that can be used in lieu of an
    image intensifier/charge-coupled device combination in digital
    Flat panel image receptor
  30. The most common cause of x-ray tube failure is
    vaporized tungsten on glass envelope.
  31. Which of the following is used in digital fluoroscopy, replacing the image intensifier's television camera tube?
    Charge-coupled device
  32. Magnification fluoroscopy provides:
    Increased resolution and increased patient dose
  33. The device used to change alternating current to unidirectional current is
    a solid-state diode
  34. Which of the following contribute(s) to inherent filtration?
    X-ray tube glass envelope
    X-ray tube port window
    Aluminum between the tube housing and the collimator
    1 and 2
  35. A device used to ensure reproducible radiographs, regardless of tissue-density variations, is the
  36. How is the thickness of the tomographic section related to the tomographic angle?
    The greater the tomographic angle, the thinner the section.
  37. Although the stated focal-spot size is measured directly under the actual focal spot, focal-spot size in fact varies along the length of the x-ray beam. At which portion of the x-ray beam is the effective focal spot the largest?
    at the cathode end
  38. Fractional-focus tubes, with a 0.3-mm focal spot or smaller, have special application in
    magnification radiography
  39. A device contained within many CR readers that functions to convert
    light energy released by the PSP into electrical energy, is called a:
    Photomultiplier tube
  40. Which of the following is a type of television camera tube that
    converts a visible image on the output phosphor of the image intensifier
    into an electronic signal?
  41. what is a cathode ray tube
    is a television monitor tube that is viewed by the operator during fluoroscopic evaluation of the anatomy of interest.
  42. Which part of an induction motor is located within the x-ray tube glass envelope?
  43. where is the stator located
    outside the glass envelope
  44. Digital fluoroscopy units use which of the following devices in lieu of a television camera tube?
    charge couple device
  45. which part of the xray circuit operates on self induction
  46. A parallel-plate ionization chamber receives a particular charge as
    x-ray photons travel through it. This is the operating principle of
    which of the following devices?
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