Elite SAT Vocab 1451-1500

  1. Corroborate
    [V] To strengthen; to confirm; to support
  2. Expound
    [V] To explain in detail
  3. Bivouac
    [N] Temporary encampment, often in an unsheltered area
  4. Hapless
    [Adj] Unfortunate; unlucky
  5. Wallow
    [V] To roll about lazily, in or as if in water, snow or mud; to revel
  6. Corps
    [N] A group of persons working together or related by a common association
  7. Elated
    [Adj] In high spirits; joyful
  8. Catastrophe
    [N] Disaster; sudden misfortune
  9. Unwieldy
    [Adj] Hard to handle or manage, esp. because of size or weight
  10. Realm
    [N] A region; a kingdom
  11. Gargantuan
    [Adj] Of huge size or capacity
  12. Watershed
    [N] A region that drains into a river, lake, or other body of water; a critical point that marks a division
  13. Impending
    [Adj] About to happen
  14. Defunct
    [Adj] Having ceased to exist or live
  15. Fabricate
    [V] To make, build; to lie
  16. Finite
    [Adj] Measurable; having an end
  17. Captivate
    [V] To capture the attention or affect of, as by beauty, excellence, etc.
  18. Levitate
    [V] To rise or cause to rise and float in the air
  19. Allure
    [N] The power to attract with something desirable
  20. Coterie
    [N] A small, often exclusive group of people who associate with one another frequently
  21. Debunk
    [V] To expose the falsehood of
  22. Vignette
    [N] A small design or portrait; a brief scene (as from a movie) or literary sketch
  23. Tumult
    [N] A great commotion or uproar
  24. Exculpate
    [V] To clear from blame or guilt
  25. Allude
    [V] To refer to indirectly
  26. Predilection
    [N] A special liking for something; a preference
  27. Epitome
    [N] A representative example of a type
  28. Conceit
    [N] A fanciful idea or image, esp. an exaggerated poetic comparison; an extravagant constuction
  29. Baleful
    [Adj] Harmful or threatening harm or evil
  30. Ameliorate
    [V] To improve; to become better
  31. Orient
    • [V] To establish one's location
    • [N] The east
  32. Vex
    [V] To disturb; to distress
  33. Variegated
    [Adj] Distinctly marked with different colors; diverse
  34. Vertiginous
    [Adj] Causing dizziness, as from spinning or heights
  35. Anesthesia
    [N] Unawareness of pain or other sensation; drugs that cause this state
  36. Upshot
    [N] The decisive or final result
  37. Effervescent
    [Adj] Giving off gas bubbles; showing high spirits or excitement
  38. Retrospect
    [N] The consideration of past events
  39. Laity
    [N] All the people not belonging to a given profession, esp. the clergy
  40. Benediction
    [N] Blessing
  41. Bifurcate
    [V] To divide into two parts
  42. Affable
    [Adj] Friendly; easy to talk to
  43. Verity
    [N] A widely-accepted truth
  44. Verbatim
    [Adj] Word for word
  45. Abrogate
    [V] To cancel or repeal by authority
  46. Discreet
    [Adj] Careful about what one says or does; circumspect; done, said, or placed so as to attract little notice
  47. Altercation
    [N] A heated or noisy argument
  48. Outmoded
    [Adj] No longer in fashion
  49. Feud
    [N] A bitter, prolonged quarrel
  50. Delude
    [V] To make someone believe something that is untrue; to deceive
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Elite SAT Vocab 1451-1500
Elite SAT Vocab 1451-1500