Chapter 201.6

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  1. Department vehicle involved in a crash should
    Not be moved unless there's an obvious traffic hazard
  2. It will be the responsibility of the involved employee to ensure
    Their immediate supervisor is ultimately made aware of the incident
  3. For any traffic crash involving a police motorcycle
    a motorcycle sergeant will respond
  4. If no motorcycle sergeant is on-duty and the crash is serious in nature
    A motorcycle sergeant will be called out and will respond to the scene.
  5. Who will be notified as soon as possible of any
    police vehicle crash involving serious injury or death, or if the police employee is suspected of D.U.I
    The Legal Advisor and Risk Management
  6. If the employee is suspected of DUI, the on duty supervisor will notify
    • Chief of Police
    • Assistant Chiefs
    • Majors
    • District Commanders
    • Internal Affairs Major
  7. Any incident not requiring a Florida Traffic Crash report may be handled as a Traffic Complaint with whose approval?
    when authorized by a supervisor
  8. Minor crashes require photographs of?
    • The basics of the crash
    • Vehicle Tag
    • Vehicle Damage
  9. What will be issued page will be issued as soon as practical.
    Administrative Page
  10. All City vehicles will be listed as what on the
    Crash Report form?
    Vehicle 1
  11. A copy of the Crash Report, photographs and sworn statements will be forwarded to the employee's:
    • Division Captain
    • The Shift Lieutenant
    • Unit Captain
  12. Only the ____ _____ ____of the involved employee may grant
    an extension for submission of the accident review if necessary
    Bureau Assistant Chief
  13. What occurs when a subject intentionally “rams” or “collides” with a Police Department vehicle
    A criminal offense
  14. No Florida Traffic Crash Report is required when
    A subject intentionally "rams" or "collides" with a police vehicle
  15. What must be completed if fleeing suspect is involved in a crash during the course of his flight?
    Each crash must be handled on a separate Florida Traffic Crash Report
  16. Why will a patrol unit or supervisor respond to an accident outside city limits?
    To determine the severity of the incident and the necessary support elements required
  17. Where will the department's vehicle be evaluated for damaged resulting from a crash?
    • The vehicle will be driven or towed to the Police
    • Department for evaluation of damages
  18. What department forwards a copy of damages to city property to Risk Management?
    The Records Division
  19. On-scene Supervisor shall notify the duty ______ of all departmental accidents
  20. Who will the lieutenant via email to notify of a departmental accident
    • Risk Management
    • Fleet Coordinator
    • appropriate Bureau Chief’s secretary when practical.
  21. What level of command shall conduct an administrative investigation and submit his/her findings to the Crash Review Board
    The Shift Lieutenant or Unit Captain within 30 days
  22. When will disciplinary action will be taken
    Upon final review and determination.
  23. What is included in the crash report review?
    • Copy of the Crash Report
    • Photographs
    • AVL records
    • Sworn statements
  24. How will the department member be listed of an unoccupied accident of a city vehicle?
    The Department member will be listed in the crash report as a witness only
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