FSS 856

  1. Any person in the state that is intoxicated and endanger the safety of another person or property is what offense
    Disorderly intoxication
  2. Any person found guilty of disorderly intoxication is committing what degree offense?
    misdemeanor of the second degree
  3. Any person who shall have been convicted how many times is deemed a habitual offender?
    Three (3) times in a 12 month period
  4. The court can commit an offender to an appropriate treatment resource for a period of how many day.
    Not more than 60 days
  5. In lieu of incarcerating an intoxicated person, what can an officer do?
    May take or send the intoxicated person homeSend to a public or private health facilityAscertain the commercial transportation paid in advance
  6. Alcoholic beverage” means distilled spirits and any beverage containing what percentage of alcohol by volume?
    0.5 percent or more alcohol by volume
  7. What is the authority or ability to regulate, direct, or dominate
  8. Any person who violates Open House Party commits what degree offense
    A misdemeanor of the second degree
  9. Open House Party shall not apply to the use of alcoholic beverages at what functions?
    Legally protected religious observances or activities
  10. A person who violates Open House Party ordinances (2) a second or subsequent time commits what degree offense?
    A misdemeanor of the first degree
  11. Causing or contributing to causing serious bodily injury, or death to the minor, or if the minor causes or contributes to causing serious bodily injury or death to another as a result of the minor’s consumption of alcohol or drugs at the open house party is what offense?
    misdemeanor of the first degree
  12. An individual not legally permitted by reason of age to possess alcoholic beverages is?
    A minor
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