1. cursory
    superficially done; performed rapidly
  2. glower
    to frown; to glare with anger
  3. increment
    an increase in quatity; to increase
  4. averse
    opposed, reluctant; repelled
  5. austere
    stern or severe in appearance; without luxury
  6. opulence
    extreme wealth; luxuriousness; abundance
  7. eke out
    to add to with difficulty; to make just enough to continue
  8. impetus
    an impelling or originating force
  9. admonish
    to warn so a fault can be corrected or a danger avoided
  10. seemly
    proper or fitting with respect to established customs
  11. complicity
    association or participation in a wrongful act
  12. cadence
    a rhythmic beat
  13. turbid
    cloudy, muddy; in a state of turmoil
  14. galvanize
    to rouse; stir; spur
  15. munificent
  16. trite
    worn out, used too often
  17. cogent
    appealing forcibly to the mind; convincing
  18. meretricious
    attracting attention in a vulgar way
  19. prevaricate
    to avoid telling the truth
  20. pastiche
    something (esp. a work or art, literature, or music) created from many different sources
  21. pretentious
    claiming dignity or importance, esp. when undeserved
  22. dais
    a raised platform
  23. limpid
    perfectly clear; transparent
  24. livid
    discolored, as from a bruise; pale, ashen; extremely angry
  25. sate
    to satisfy (any appetite or desire) fully
  26. servile
    slavish; abjectly submissive
  27. succumb
    to give in or yield
  28. lycanthrope
    a werewolf
  29. liberal
    generous; giving freely
  30. peruse
    to read carefully
  31. obligatory
    legally or morally required
  32. antithesis
    direct contrast; opposition
  33. coherent
    logically consistent and orderly
  34. gait
    manner of moving on foot; rate or manner of proceeding
  35. pedestrian
    done on foot; ordinary; commonplace
  36. indelible
    incapable of being removed or erased
  37. perplex
    to puzzle, confuse, or bewilder
  38. apotheosis
    the ideal example; the elevation of a person to the rank of a god
  39. diatribe
    prolonged and bitter speech or writing
  40. terse
    without unnecessary words; succinct
  41. qualify
    to modify, limit, or restrict, as by giving exceptions
  42. forbear
    to be patient or avoid doing
  43. avant-garde
    a group active in inventing and applying new techniques, esp. in the arts
  44. facade
    outward appearance; the face of a building
  45. occasion
    to cause; to provide an appropriate opportunity for
  46. chronicle
    a recording of events in order of time
  47. carnage
    massacre; slaughter; bloodshed
  48. grimace
    a facial expression that shows disapproval or pain; to make such an expression
  49. antidote
    a cure for a disease or poison
  50. hover
    to float as if suspended; to be in a state of uncertainty
  51. refuge
    a shelter or sanctuary
  52. prudent
    marked by careful planning; discreet
  53. misanthrope
    one who hates or mistrusts mankind
  54. oasis
    a fertile place in a desert due to the presence of water; any place or thing offering relief from difficulty or dullness
  55. optimum
    the most favorable point or condition
  56. ebullient
    in high spirits; boiling or seeming to boil
  57. flux
    flow; continuous change or movement
  58. disinterested
    free from bias
  59. emblematic
    symbolic, representative of more
  60. juncture
    a point of time; a concurrence of events
  61. nettle
    to bother; to irritate
  62. relent
    to become less severe; to give in
  63. genial
    cheerful; friendly
  64. appropriate
    to set apart for a specific use; to take possession of, often without permission
  65. lapse
    to decline from a previous level or standard; to come to an end
  66. indolent
  67. iniquity
    extreme immorality or injustice; wickedness
  68. edification
    intellectual or moral improvement; enlightenment
  69. meticulous
    extremely or excessively careful about details; finicky
  70. eccentric
    unconventional; odd
  71. insurrection
    a rebellion
  72. forestall
    to prevent or delay beforehand
  73. welter
    a confused mass or jumble
  74. evince
    to give outward evidence of; to display clearly
  75. virtuoso
    one with great skill, esp. in music or the arts
  76. whet
    to sharpen; to make keen
  77. fop
    a man who is preoccupied with his clothes and manners
  78. blatant
    offensively obvious; unpleasantly noisy
  79. anthropomorphism
    the attribution of human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects
  80. volatile
    tending to vary widely; unstable; quickly evaporating
  81. encrypt
    to put into code
  82. err
    to make a mistake
  83. transient
    passing with time; remaining only briefly
  84. prostrate
    lying face down, esp. as a sign of humility or worship; physically or emotional exhausted
  85. baroque
    fantastically over-decorated; gaudily ornate
  86. rescind
    to take back or cancel
  87. trepidation
    strong fear or dread marked by trembling or hesitancy
  88. repast
    a meal
  89. carp
    to complain; to seek fault, esp. over unimportant manners
  90. pungent
    sharp to the smell or taste
  91. chicanery
    deception by trickery
  92. derogatory
    belittling; tending to diminish
  93. prim
    overly proper; precise to the point of affection; prudish
  94. brandish
    to display with menace
  95. anterior
    placed before or in front; earlier
  96. miasma
    a noxious or poisonous atmosphere
  97. tortuous
    winding, twisted
  98. propriety
    good manners; proper behavior
  99. sacrosanct
    very sacred, holy, or inviolable
  100. quaff
    to drink quickly or with enthusiasm
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