ESL Podcast 1120 – Breaching a Contract

  1. a person who provides or coordinates services, especially for a
    construction or remodeling project
    * The contractor said he’d finish the bathroom addition within one month, but it
    has already been two months and it doesn’t look anywhere close to being
  2. to put a structure or piece of equipment in place and connect it to
    other devices so that it works properly
    * If you buy your home theater here, our technicians will help you install it when it
    is delivered.
    to install
  3. to avoid someone or something; to find a way to not deal with
    someone or something
    * A good customer service representative never dodges a customer’s complaints,
    but instead says, “I’m so sorry that happened. What can I do to fix the problem?”
    to dodge
  4. to pay the full amount due to a person, often before
    the product or service has been delivered; to pay 100% of the amount owed
    * Never pay a plumber in full until you’re completely satisfied with his or her work.
    to pay (someone) in full
  5. a violation of the terms and conditions of a legal
    agreement, especially one that could lead to an early end to the agreement
    * Failing to give a tenant 30 day’s notice is a breach of contract.
    breach of contract
  6. something one can do in a difficult or challenging situation, but not
    one’s first choice of action
    * If you disagree with the city’s decision on your application, your only recourse is
    to appeal to the state governor.
  7. to sue someone; to file an official complaint
    against someone in a court of law, especially with the expectation of receiving
    * The child actress took her parents to court, saying that they kept too much of
    her earnings for themselves.
    to take (someone) to court
  8. to find a solution or reach an agreement
    without involving an official legal decision made by a judge
    * The company was accused of selling dangerous cars, but it settled out of court
    with drivers for an undisclosed amount.
    to settle (something) out of court
  9. a phrase meaning that one understands another’s position
    or statement, but may not fully agree with it
    * I don’t blame you for being angry. If I were in your position, I would feel the
    same way, but it is always better to forgive and move on.
    I don’t blame you
  10. to hide; to stay away from other people and not allow oneself to be
    found, especially because one has done something wrong and does not want to
    deal with the consequences
    * The criminals are hiding out, but the police will find them eventually.
    to hide out
  11. to refuse to be involved in something or accept
    responsibility for it; to indicate that one has nothing to do with something
    * If you make this decision on your own, I wash my hands of all responsibility for
    what happens next.
    to wash (one’s) hands of
  12. to take someone to court; to ask a court of law to make an official
    decision about whether one has broken the law
    * The police officer was sued for threatening an innocent member of the
    to sue
  13. to persuade; to make someone do something, or to present a
    convincing reason for someone to do something
    * What compelled you to put all of your savings into this untried business?
    to compel
  14. an even better or more persuasive reason or motivation
    for doing something
    * A: It’s going to take forever to clean the garage – it’s so disorganized!
    B: That’s all the more reason to start early tomorrow morning.
    all the more reason
  15. lawyer; a person who has studied the law and represents people and
    organizations in legal matters
    * When their baby was born, they worked with an attorney to write a will.
  16. to receive money as compensation for another person’s
    harmful or damaging actions as a result of a legal decision
    * Tenants are rarely able to collect damages from landlords who don’t refund
    their security deposit, because the cost of taking them to court is much higher
    than the security deposit itself.
    to collect damages
  17. the legal end to a marriage
    * They stayed married for 20 years, but as soon as their children moved out of
    the house, they filed for divorce.
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