1. subsist
    to maintain life
  2. grovel
    to beg; to lower oneself to please another
  3. condescend
    to lower oneself to a less formal or less dignified level
  4. sprightly
    lively; animated; energetic
  5. pretext
    an excuse; a strategy intended to conceal something
  6. impeccable
  7. supplicate
    to request with great humility, as though by praying
  8. ravenous
    very hungry
  9. escapade
    a reckless adventure
  10. abstemious
    moderate, especially in eating and drinking
  11. encore
    again, once more; a second performance; an audience's call for a second performance
  12. flounder
    to proceed with clumsiness and confusion
  13. marshal
    to arrange in order
  14. timbre
    the distinguishing quality of a sound
  15. dross
    impurities formed on the surface of metals during melting; worthless, commonplace or trivial material
  16. mendacious
    lying; false, esp. habitually
  17. frivolous
    of little importance
  18. jovial
    full of hearty, playful good humor
  19. refute
    to disprove
  20. brusque
    abrupt and curt of manner
  21. abash
    to embarrass
  22. tenure
    holding or possession of an office or property; guaranteed permanent employment, especially as a teacher
  23. eponym
    a person after whom a place, person, disease, etc. is named
  24. dismay
    to destroy courage or resolution; to cause to lose enthusiasm, to disillusion
  25. chastise
    to punish by beating; to scold or condemn sharply
  26. forgery
    something counterfeit; an illegally produced imitation
  27. exert
    to put forth or bring to bear
  28. impale
    to pierce with something sharp; to make helpless
  29. corpulent
    very fat; obese
  30. brood
    to be deep in thought; to think over moodily and at length
  31. obviate
    to stop from occurring; to prevent or make unnecessary
  32. linchpin
    a central element that holds other parts together
  33. cachet
    a mark of distinction
  34. extenuate
    to lessen the seriousness of, esp. by giving partial excuses
  35. manifesto
    a public declaration of principles, often political
  36. bequeath
    to pass down to; to hand down, esp. in a will
  37. plenitude
    fullness in quantity or degree; the state of being full or complete
  38. latent
    present but hidden; dormant
  39. mollify
    to soothe the temper; pacify; appease
  40. disaffected
    resentful and rebellious, esp. against authority
  41. perfidious
    marked by extreme treachery
  42. deprecate
    to express disapproval of
  43. erstwhile
    former; of an earlier time
  44. effigy
    a representation of a person or group used esp. to demonstrate hatred
  45. educe
    to draw out; elicit
  46. precarious
    dangerously insecure or unstable
  47. gainsay
    to deny; declare false
  48. credulous
    tending to believe too easily; gullible
  49. loath
    unwilling, reluctant
  50. odious
    arousing strong dislike or disgust
  51. distraught
    anxious or agitated
  52. intransigent
    refusing to compromise or agree
  53. assess
    to estimate
  54. adroit
    naturally skillful, esp. dealing with difficult circumstances
  55. dilatory
    characterized by delay; tardy
  56. prognosis
    the anticipated progress of recovery
  57. enunciation
    clear pronunciation; articulation
  58. venomous
    malignant; spiteful; secreting poison
  59. cupidity
    strong desire for wealth; greed
  60. fraught
    full of a particular quality
  61. keen
    having a sharp edge; perceptive
  62. exhort
    to urge strongly
  63. facsimile
    an exact copy
  64. secular
    not religious; worldly
  65. ample
    enough, or more than enough; plentiful
  66. hodgepodge
    mixture; combination
  67. synopsis
    a short summary that outlines the main points of something
  68. obfuscate
    to make difficult to understand; to make indistinct
  69. turgid
    swollen, as from fluid; excessively ornate or complex in style
  70. philander
    of a man, to engage in sexual affairs, esp. casually
  71. fictitious
    not real; false
  72. ruse
    an action or device intended to deceive
  73. incapacitate
    to make unable to function in normal activities; disable
  74. verbose
  75. suave
    effortlessly smooth and courteous in social situations
  76. dormant
    inactive, but capable of being active
  77. philistine
    a narrow-minded person with no interest in the arts
  78. bombast
    pompous speech
  79. volition
    a conscious choice or decision
  80. propound
    to suggest for consideration; to propose
  81. retrench
    to reduce, esp. expenses
  82. prolix
    wordy and tedious
  83. malapropism
    a ridiculous misuse of words
  84. valor
    marked courage or bravery
  85. soporific
    promoting sleep
  86. dreary
    depressing and boring
  87. leviathan
    something enormous and powerful; a sea monster
  88. gingerly
    very carefully; cautiously
  89. vulgar
    lacking refinement or taste; crude
  90. hibernate
    to sleep throughout the winter
  91. impassive
    not feeling emotion; not showing emotion
  92. disingenuous
    not straightforward or candid; crafty
  93. caricature
    a drawing or description that ridiculously exaggerates features
  94. oligarchy
    a government in which only few people have power
  95. fallacy
    a false notion, esp. one based on incorrect reasoning
  96. dichotomy
    division into two contradictory parts
  97. obdurate
    not easily moved to pity or sympathy
  98. relinquish
    to surrender or release
  99. jocular
    characterized by joking
  100. incarnate
    in human form and shape
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