Registry Questions Pt.3

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  1. what device provides the required amount of voltage for xray production
  2. what effect does a step up transformer have on voltage and current
    voltage is increased and current is decreased
  3. at which location is the ionization chamber located in an automatic exposure control device
    btw grid and image receptor
  4. what device in the xray circuit converts ac to dc
  5. in cassette based CR systems the photostimulable phosphor plate is made of which material
    barium fluorohalide
  6. which environment is most appropriate for film storage
    60 deg 50% humidity
  7. how does a wide window width affect an image
    decreases contrast
  8. what term refers to a graphical representation of pixel values
  9. which is the required amount of inherent filtration for general purpose xray tubes
  10. which organ has the highest tissue weighting factor
  11. what is the minimum thickness of lead is required to cover the bucky slot during fluoro
  12. what is the minimum reccommended filtration for general diagnostic xray units
  13. undifferentiated cells or also known as
    highly sensitive, highly mitotis young cells
  14. ap views of the any bone show type of fracture
    lat views show what types of fx
    • medial to lateral fxs or  deviations
    • superior to posterior
  15. the pisiform bone is best seen in what position
    ap medial oblique
  16. fixing rotation of the knee by adjusting the hips or pelvis to keep the patella straight is for what joint space
  17. in order to keep the condyles of the femur superimposed in a lat knee what must you do
    angle the 5-7 cephalad to superimpose the medial condyle over the lateral cond.
  18. if a knee measures more than 24 cm on an ap projection we must angle how many degrees
    angle 5 cephalad
  19. an ap knee measures least than 19 cm we must angle the tube
    5 degrees caudad
  20. if an ap knees measures any where from 19-24cm how must you angle the tube
    no tube angle perpendicular to knee joint
  21. Which of the following terms refers to the period between conception and birth?
  22. What is likely to occur if 25 rad is accidentally delivered to a recently fertilized ovum?
    spontaneous abortion
  23. Which of the following is a measurement of dose to biologic tissue?
  24. Medical and dental radiation accounts for what percentage of the general public's exposure to human-made radiation?
  25. The annual dose limit for occupationally exposed individuals is valid for
    beta xray and gamma rays
  26. Which of the following is (are) included in whole-body dose equivalents?
    gonads and lens
  27. The term effective dose refers to
    whole body dose
  28. The term effective dose refers to
  29. The rad is the unit of
    radiation dose
  30. What is the approximate entrance skin exposure (ESE) for the average anteroposterior (AP) supine abdomen radiograph?
  31. Patient dose increases as fluoroscopic
    FOV decreases
  32. how do you calculate ESE
    mr/mas x kvp
  33. Unlawful touching of a person without his or her consent is termed
  34. To "excuse" suboptimal images, a radiographer makes a note on the exam requisition claiming that the patient "was uncooperative." That radiographer can legally be found guilty of
  35. libel
    written defamation
  36. slander
    Spoken defamation
  37. Malpractice
    refers to an action taken by a health care professional that results in patient injury and that fails to meet reasonable standard of care guidelines.
  38. If a radiographer performed a lumbar spine examination on a patient who was supposed to have an elbow examination, which of the following charges may be brought against the radiographer?
  39. The moral principle that describes the radiographer's aspiration to do no harm or to allow no act that might cause harm to the patient is termed
  40. For medicolegal reasons, radiographic images are required to include all the following information except
    the patient's birth date.
  41. As health care professionals aspire to design their actions to always benefit their patients, to only bring about good for their patients, they are aspiring to what moral principle?
  42. A radiographer who tells the patient that he or she will have to repeat this uncomfortable examination if the patient does not try harder to cooperate can be accused of
  43. False imprisonment
    e considered if a patient is ignored after stating that he or she no longer wishes to continue with the procedure or if restraining devices are used improperly or used without a physician's order.
  44. when patient confidentiality is not respected, and as a result, the patient suffers embarrassment or mockery.
  45. The ethical principle that aspires never to, above all, do harm describes
  46. Which of the following medical equipment is used to determine blood pressure?
    A stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer are used together to measure blood pressure. The first sound heard is the systolic pressure, and the normal range is 110 to 140 mm Hg
  47. what is normal diastolic range
  48. Which of the following blood pressure measurements might indicate shock?
    Systolic pressure lower than 60 mmHg
  49. To reduce the back strain that can result from moving heavy objects, the radiographer should
    push the object.
  50. A patient suffering from orthopnea would experience theleast discomfort in which body position?
  51. In reviewing a patient's blood chemistry, which of the following blood urea nitrogen (BUN) ranges is considered normal?
    8 to 25 mg/100 mL
  52. Proper body mechanics includes a wide base of support. The base of support is the portion of the body
    in contact with the floor or other horizontal surface.
  53. When a patient with an arm injury needs help in undressing, the radiographer should
    remove clothing from the uninjured arm first.
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