Elite SAT Vocab 1001 - 1250

  1. Lucrative
    [Adj] Producing wealth; profitable
  2. Uncanny
    [Adj] Strangely unsettling, as if of supernatural origin
  3. Utopia
    [N] An ideally perfect place
  4. Hue
    [N] A shade of color
  5. Gross
    [Adj] Total, entire; glaringly obvious, flagrant
  6. Forlorn
    [Adj] Appearing sad because abandoned; in pitiful conditions; almost without hope
  7. Ecstasy
    [N] State of overwhelming joy; rapture
  8. Valid
    [Adj] Based on truth or fact; having legal force
  9. Decry
    [V] To speak out against strongly and openly
  10. Check
    [V] To restrain or block
  11. Proximity
    [N] Closeness
  12. Corrupt
    [Adj] Marked by immorality; dishonest; containing errors (as in a text)
  13. Colossal
    [Adj] Very large
  14. Leery
    [Adj] Suspicious; distrustful
  15. Egress
    [N] Going out; the right to go out or exit
  16. Archetype
    [N] The original pattern or model; a perfect example
  17. Referendum
    [N] Direct popular vote on a law or measure of public policy
  18. Kin
    [N] One's relatives
  19. Coax
    [V] To persuade or obtain by pleading or flattery
  20. Talisman
    [N] Something thought to have magic power
  21. Truncate
    [V] To cut short
  22. Manifest
    [Adj] Obvious; very clear; evident
  23. August
    [Adj] Inspiring awe or admiration, esp. because of high rank or character
  24. Commodity
    [N] Something useful that can be used for financial advantage; a product or service that is indistinguishable from the same thing from competing sellers
  25. Context
    [N] The circumstances in which something occurs
  26. Insinuate
    [V] To hint
  27. Archaic
    [Adj] Of a much earlier, often more primitive period
  28. Flagrant
    [Adj] Conspicuously bad or offensive
  29. Rapacious
    [Adj] Excessively greedy; taking by force
  30. Adapt
    [V] To adjust to a new situation or environment; to change
  31. Labyrinthine
    [Adj] Complicated; puzzling
  32. Debut
    [N] A first appearance before the public
  33. Consecrate
    [V] To make or set apart as sacred
  34. Stratum
    [N] A level or layer
  35. Morass
    [N] An area of swampy ground; something that hinders
  36. Prolific
    [Adj] Producing a lot
  37. Boycott
    [V] To refuse to buy, sell, or use
  38. Ostentatious
    [Adj] Showy; pretentious
  39. Domain
    [N] A territory or range of rule or control
  40. Reek
    [V] To give off a strong, unpleasant odor; to be pervaded with something unpleasant
  41. Nefarious
    [Adj] Very wicked; villainous
  42. Deference
    [N] Yielding an opinion, desire, or position to another out of respect
  43. Innocuous
    [Adj] Harmless
  44. Resent
    [V] To feel hostility because of a perceived insult or injury
  45. Pulpit
    [N] A podium used for preaching
  46. Vapid
    [Adj] Lacking interest, animation, or flavor
  47. Egalitarian
    [Adj] Of the belief that all people should have equal rights
  48. Harangue
    [N] A long pompous speech; a speech or piece of writing expressing strong emotion; a tirade
  49. Agrarian
    [Adj] Related to farming
  50. Regale
    [V] To delight or entertain
  51. Bar
    [V] To keep out; to exclude
  52. Desultory
    [Adj] Lacking a plan or purpose; unmethodical
  53. Opportunist
    [N] One who takes advantage of every opportunity, whether or not it is moral to do so
  54. Visceral
    [Adj] Instinctive; relating to the internal organs
  55. Permeate
    [V] To spread or flow throughout
  56. Stagnant
    [Adj] Inactive; not moving
  57. Indiscriminate
    [Adj] Unselective; random; unrestrained
  58. Stark
    [Adj] Not ornamented; plain; absolute
  59. Rancorous
    [Adj] Bitter and resentful
  60. Prodigal
    [Adj] Exceedingly or recklessly wasteful
  61. Disconcert
    [V] To make confused or uneasy
  62. Patron
    [N] A sponsor; a supporter; a regular customer
  63. Margin
    [N] A border or edge; a limit in condition or ability; an amount or degree of difference
  64. Fervent
    [Adj] Passionate; eager; earnest
  65. Penchant
    [N] A strong liking
  66. Climax
    [N] The point of greatest intensity, which marks the end of an ascending process
  67. Requisite
    [Adj] Needed; necessary
  68. Cognizant
    [Adj] Aware (with "of")
  69. Amorphous
    [Adj] Without definite shape; shapeless; unorganized
  70. Demeanor
    [N] Outward behavior, esp. that reveals one's personality or attiude
  71. Artifact
    [N] An object produced by human work, esp. one of historical or archaeological interest
  72. Placebo
    [N] A substance, often presented as a medicine, that has an effect because of a patient's expectation rather than because of an active ingredient
  73. Prosaic
    [Adj] Straightforward; lacking in imagination
  74. Tantamount
    [Adj] Equivalent in effect or value
  75. Caste
    [N] A rigid and hereditary social class
  76. Pummel
    [V] To beat, as with the fists
  77. Egregious
    [Adj] Outstanding for undesirable qualities; remarkably bad
  78. Sinecure
    [N] A paid position that requires little or no work
  79. Flamboyant
    [Adj] Extravagant; showy
  80. Balmy
    [Adj] Soothing, mild, pleasant
  81. Leaven
    [V] To add yeast; to fill (something) with a substance that changes it or makes it lighter
  82. Exonerate
    [V] To find blameless
  83. Puerile
    [Adj] Childish; foolishly immature
  84. Censure
    [V] To criticize severely
  85. Machination
    [N] An artful or secret plot or scheme
  86. Court
    [V] To attempt to gain, esp. love or favor; to behave so as to invite
  87. Supplant
    [V] To take the place of
  88. Polyglot
    • [N] One who speaks many languages
    • [Adj] Speaking many languages
  89. Vicarious
    [Adj] Felt as if one were taking part in the experiences of another
  90. Capricious
    [Adj] Erratic; tending to change abruptly
  91. Urban
    [Adj] Relating to a city
  92. Vociferous
    [Adj] Loud and vehement
  93. Effusive
    [Adj] Overflowing; excessively emotional
  94. Inscribe
    [V] To write, carve or engrave words or letters on or in a surface
  95. Forthcoming
    [Adj] About to appear; available when needed; communicative
  96. Inordinate
    [Adj] Excessive, unrestrained
  97. Amble
    [V] To walk slowly or leisurely
  98. Covenant
    [N] A binding agreement
  99. Pellucid
    [Adj] Transparently clear
  100. Latitude
    [N] Freedom from normal limitations; room for movement or action
  101. Pecuniary
    [Adj] Of or involving money
  102. Flummox
    [V] To confuse or perplex
  103. Embed
    [V] To fix in a surrounding mass
  104. Rambunctious
    [Adj] Very loud and disorderly
  105. Interstices
    [N] Small spaces between things
  106. Potent
    [Adj] Powerful; having a strong effect
  107. Nepotism
    [N] Strong favoritism to relatives
  108. Amiable
    [Adj] Friendly and agreeable; sociable
  109. Congregate
    [V] To assemble into a group
  110. Demographics
    [N] The distribution of human population groups
  111. Ponderous
    [Adj] Clumsy and heavy; boring and labored
  112. Irony
    [N] A use of words in which the intended meaning is very different from the literal sense; an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs, esp. one that suggests a lesson about human folly
  113. Debris
    [N] Bits and pieces of rubbish
  114. Preempt
    [V] To take the place of; to take priority or precedence over
  115. Tawdry
    [Adj] Tastelessly showy
  116. Apprehend
    [V] To become aware of through the senses
  117. Effect
    [V] To bring about
  118. Buttress
    [V] To prop up or support
  119. Concoct
    [V] To invent; to create by combining ingredients, as in cooking
  120. Amalgamate
    [V] To blend together into one; to unite
  121. Shrewd
    [Adj] Clever in practical matters; cunning
  122. Prognosticate
    [V] To predict
  123. Knead
    [V] To press, rub or squeeze with hands
  124. Caustic
    [Adj] Capable of burning or corroding by chemical action; bitingly sarcastic, cutting
  125. Throe
    [N] A spasm of pain; strong yearning
  126. Sanction
    [V] To give official approval to; to penalize for violating a moral principle or international law
  127. Resonate
    [V] To echo
  128. Herald
    [V] To bear news; to announce
  129. Contumacious
    [Adj] Stubbornly disobedient; rebellious; insubordinate
  130. Timorous
    [Adj] Full of tear
  131. Replete
    [Adj] Well-filled; abundantly supplied
  132. Exiguous
    [Adj] Scanty; meager; small; slender
  133. Negotiate
    [V] To succeed in going over, coping with, or accomplishing
  134. Rigor
    [N] Strictness or severity
  135. Consensus
    [N] A position reached by a group as a whole or by majority will; general agreement
  136. Cede
    [V] To give or formally surrender to another
  137. Downtrodden
    [Adj] Badly and unfairly treated; oppressed
  138. Oblivious
    [Adj] Unaware
  139. Skirt
    [V] To lie along the edge of; to pass nearby or around, rather than through
  140. Jargon
    [N] The specialized terminology of a profession; incoherent speech
  141. Anathema
    [N] Someone or something that is hated
  142. Patriarch
    [N] A man who rules a family clan; a very respected old man
  143. Belligerent
    [Adj] Eager to fight; aggressive; engaged in warfare
  144. Epithet
    [N] A descriptive term for a person or thing
  145. Deficit
    [N] An inadequacy; an unfavorable condition or position
  146. Forbidding
    [Adj] Disagreeable; menacing
  147. Equanimity
    [N] Evenness of temper, esp. as a characteristic state
  148. Emolument
    [N] Payment for an office or employment
  149. Pacify
    [V] To make peaceful; to restore calm
  150. Entrenched
    [Adj] Dug in
  151. Discrepancy
    [N] Lack of agreement; difference
  152. Viable
    [Adj] Able to live; capable of success
  153. Insipid
    [Adj] Uninteresting; having no flavor
  154. Paternal
    [Adj] Relating to or characteristic of a father
  155. Cabal
    [N] A small group of secret plotters, i.e., against a government or authority
  156. Indigenous
    [Adj] Native, occurring naturally
  157. Repudiate
    [V] To reject as invalid or untrue
  158. Decisive
    [Adj] Conclusive; beyond doubt; showing determination
  159. Behoove
    [V] To be necessary or proper for
  160. Deleterious
    [Adj] Harmful; destructive
  161. Radical
    [Adj] Favoring fundamental or extreme change; relating to roots or orgins
  162. Lurid
    [Adj] Causing shock or horror; tastelessly vivid; glowing like fire through a haze
  163. Inexorable
    [Adj] Impossible to stop or resist; incapable of being persuaded; unyielding; unalterable
  164. Broach
    [V] To raise for discussion
  165. Improvident
    [Adj] Not preparing for the future; incautious
  166. Profound
    [Adj] Very deep; penetrating beyond the superficial
  167. Vacillate
    [V] To swing back and forth
  168. Promulgate
    [V] To make known by official announcement
  169. Construe
    [V] To interpret
  170. Ilk
    [N] Kind; sort; class
  171. Dissent
    [V] To disagree
  172. Expatriate
    • [V] To send into exile
    • [N] One who has moved to a foreign country
  173. Emollient
    • [Adj] Having a softening, soothing effect
    • [N] An agent that softens, esp. the skin
  174. Doctrine
    [N] A set of principles (religious, political, etc.); a rule of law, esp. as established by precedent
  175. Preclude
    [V] To make impossible; to prevent the occurrence of
  176. Expunge
    [V] To erase; to eliminate completely
  177. Fluent
    [Adj] Easy; graceful
  178. Abet
    [V] To encourage, assist, or support, usually in wrongdoing
  179. Comprehensive
    [Adj] Complete; covering broadly and all-inclusively
  180. Protocol
    [N] The customs and regulations dealing with formal behavior; the plan for carrying out a scientific study
  181. Replicate
    [V] To copy, reproduce, or repeat
  182. Gender
    [N] Sexual identity, es. in relation to society or culture
  183. Ambiance
    [N] Environment
  184. Adverse
    [Adj] Opposed, difficult
  185. Adumbrate
    [V] To give a sketchy outline; to foreshadow
  186. Enumerate
    [V] To count off or list
  187. Matriarchy
    [N] A society where the mother is the head of the family and descent is traced through the mother's side of the family
  188. Doctrinaire
    [Adj] Inflexibly maintaining an idea without regard to practically
  189. Feastible
    [Adj] Capable of being done
  190. Venerable
    [Adj] Worthy of honor and respect by reason of dignity, age, etc.
  191. Connote
    [V] To imply something beyond a literal meaning
  192. Forge
    [V] To give form or shape to; to advance gradually
  193. Veer
    [V] To change direction
  194. Posit
    [V] To assume as a fact or principle
  195. Paradigm
    [N] An example; a model
  196. Enmity
    [N] The bitter attitude or feelings of an enemy or of mutual enemies
  197. Flaunt
    [V] To display ostentatiously; to show off; to boast
  198. Empathy
    [N] Ability to understand and identify with another's feelings and emotions
  199. Adduce
    [V] To show as an example or means of proving something
  200. Halcyon
    [Adj] Calm; peaceful
  201. Hypothesis
    [N] A tentative explanation; something assumed true for the sake of argument or investigation
  202. Homogeneous
    [Adj] Uniform; of the same kind
  203. Vanguard
    [N] The leading position in an army or fleet; the leading position in a movement or trend
  204. Prominent
    [Adj] Noticeable; widely known
  205. Abscond
    [V] To go away hastily and secretly; to hide
  206. Coin
    [V] To devise a new word or phrase
  207. Aback
    [Adj] By surprise
  208. Zenith
    [N] Maximum; the highest point
  209. Amicable
    [Adj] Showing friendliness or good will
  210. Recondite
    [Adj] Not easily understood
  211. Fete
    [N] Lavish entertainment; a festival
  212. Implicate
    [V] To incriminate; to show or suggest involvement
  213. Contradict
    [V] To assert the opposite of (a statement)
  214. Ominous
    [Adj] Threatening harm; showing evil
  215. Disseminate
    [V] To scatter widely; (of information) to make known
  216. Criterion
    [N] A measurable value; a standard for judging
  217. Gregarious
    [Adj] Seeking and enjoying the company of others; tending to move in a group
  218. Concerted
    [Adj] Planned or accomplished together
  219. Prodigy
    [N] One with exceptional talents
  220. Flank
    • [N] The side of a body (between the ribs and hips); a cut of meat from an animal's flank; the side of a military formation or another thing
    • [V] To attack the side of; to protect the side of; to be situated on both sides of
  221. Acumen
    [N] quickness and accuracy of judgment or insight
  222. Coincide
    [V] To occur at the same time or be at the same place; to agree exactly
  223. Delineate
    [V] To draw the outline of; to describe in words or gestures
  224. Grisly
    [Adj] Inspiring horror because of appalling crudity or inhumanity; gruesome
  225. Plight
    [N] Sad situation
  226. Malevolent
    [Adj] Showing hatred; dangerous
  227. Multifarious
    [Adj] Having many different parts or forms; numerous and varied
  228. Heterodox
    [Adj] Not in agreement with accepted beliefs, especially religious dogma
  229. Canvass
    [V] To ask for votes, opinions, etc.; to examine or discuss in detail
  230. Impede
    [V] To obstruct
  231. Accord
    [N] Agreement
  232. Redress
    [V] To set right; to remedy
  233. Concede
    [V] To acknowledge as true
  234. Licentious
    [Adj] Not moral; lawless; lewd
  235. Exude
    [V] To give off; to emit; to radiate
  236. Impugn
    [V] To challenge; to call into question
  237. Shroud
    • [V] To conceal
    • [N] Something that covers
  238. Disclose
    [V] To reveal
  239. Fulminate
    [V] To issue a strong verbal attack
  240. Exult
    [V] To rejoice greatly
  241. Tally
    [V] To count; to add
  242. Fortitude
    [N] Strength of mind that allows one to endure adversity
  243. Hackneyed
    [Adj] Made trite and commonplace by overuse; clich├ęd
  244. Tenuous
    [Adj] Weak; thin
  245. Fatuous
    [Adj] Smugly foolish; complacently stupid
  246. Symposium
    [N] A meeting to discuss a topic, especially when the participants form the audience and make presentations
  247. Secede
    [V] To withdraw formally from an alliance or membership
  248. Bathos
    [N] Excessive or trivial sentimentality; an abrupt transition in style from the elevated to the commonplace, producing a laughable effect
  249. Refurbish
    [V] To make clean or bright again
  250. Confluence
    [N] Joining together of different streams
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Elite SAT Vocab 1001 - 1250