Elite SAT Vocab 1251-1300

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  1. Overwrought
    [Adj] Extremely nervous or excited
  2. Recapitulate
    [V] To summarize; to paraphrase
  3. Sedulous
    [Adj] Working hard and steadily; diligent
  4. Transparent
    [Adj] Obvious; undisguised
  5. Rhapsody
    [N] A state of great happiness; such a state expressed in speech or writing
  6. Self-abnegation
    [N] The putting aside of personal interest for the sake of others or for a belief, cause, or principle
  7. Punitive
    [Adj] Inflicting or intended to inflict punishment
  8. Somnolent
    [Adj] Sleepy
  9. Abjure
    [V] To renounce under oath; to give up or deny
  10. Hone
    [V] To sharpen; to make more effective
  11. Sardonic
    [Adj] Bitterly sneering; mocking
  12. Subtle
    [Adj] Not immediately obvious; hard to understand
  13. Debase
    [V] To make lower in value, quality, or character
  14. Slipshod
    [Adj] Marked by carelessness or casual attention to detail; sloppy
  15. Bureaucracy
    [N] A group of officials and administrators, esp. of a government
  16. Nirvana
    [N] A place of ideal peace and harmony
  17. Proclivity
    [N] A natural or habitual Tendency or inclination
  18. Canny
    [Adj] Clever and cautious
  19. Refractory
    [Adj] Stubbornly resistant to control, authority, or treatment
  20. Tremulous
    [Adj] Shaking; fearful
  21. Intricate
    [Adj] Elaborately detailed
  22. Raze
    [V] To demolish; to flatten to ground level
  23. Opprobrium
    [N] A bad reputation or disgrace gained after a specific action
  24. Pariah
    [N] A social outcast
  25. Pantheon
    [N] All the gods of a people; a group highly respected in a field
  26. Scourge
    [N] A cause of widespread suffering
  27. Abound
    [V] To be plentiful
  28. Coy
    [Adj] Bashful or shy; pretending to be shy; unwilling to make a commitment or divulge information
  29. Resign
    [V] To accept a bad situation
  30. Feat
    [N] An act or accomplishment showing skill
  31. Remedial
    [Adj] Supplying a remedy; intended to correct
  32. Reverie
    [N] Daydream
  33. Umbrage
    [N] Offense or resentment (used with "take")
  34. Auditory
    [Adj] Relating to the sense of hearing
  35. Propensity
    [N] A natural inclination; a tendency
  36. Rejoinder
    [N] An answer, esp. to another answer
  37. Defame
    [V] To attack a person's reputation; to slander
  38. Renegade
    [N] Someone who rejects one group, cause, or allegiance for another
  39. Humdrum
    [Adj] Dull; routine; commonplace
  40. Solicit
    [V] To ask for; to seek
  41. Sojourn
    [N] A brief visit
  42. Truculent
    [Adj] Inclined to fight; expressing violence or hostility
  43. Perspicacious
    [Adj] Having keen perception or understanding
  44. Moribund
    [Adj] Approaching death; nearly obsolete
  45. Heresy
    [N] Deviation from church doctrine or from an established belief
  46. Credible
    [Adj] Capable of being believed
  47. Poise
    [N] Self-assurance; composure; equilibrium
  48. Bellicose
    [Adj] Warlike
  49. Oscillate
    [V] To move back and forth regularly
  50. Recreant
    • [Adj] Showing faithless disloyalty
    • [N] A disloyal coward
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