Elite SAT Vocab 1201-1250

  1. Hypothesis
    [N] A tentative explanation; something assumed true for the sake of argument or investigation
  2. Homogeneous
    [Adj] Uniform; of the same kind
  3. Vanguard
    [N] The leading position in an army or fleet; the leading position in a movement or trend
  4. Prominent
    [Adj] Noticeable; widely known
  5. Abscond
    [V] To go away hastily and secretly; to hide
  6. Coin
    [V] To devise a new word or phrase
  7. Aback
    [Adj] By surprise
  8. Zenith
    [N] Maximum; the highest point
  9. Amicable
    [Adj] Showing friendliness or good will
  10. Recondite
    [Adj] Not easily understood
  11. Fete
    [N] Lavish entertainment; a festival
  12. Implicate
    [V] To incriminate; to show or suggest involvement
  13. Contradict
    [V] To assert the opposite of (a statement)
  14. Ominous
    [Adj] Threatening harm; showing evil
  15. Disseminate
    [V] To scatter widely; (of information) to make known
  16. Criterion
    [N] A measurable value; a standard for judging
  17. Gregarious
    [Adj] Seeking and enjoying the company of others; tending to move in a group
  18. Concerted
    [Adj] Planned or accomplished together
  19. Prodigy
    [N] One with exceptional talents
  20. Flank
    • [N] The side of a body (between the ribs and hips); a cut of meat from an animal's flank; the side of a military formation or another thing
    • [V] To attack the side of; to protect the side of; to be situated on both sides of
  21. Acumen
    [N] quickness and accuracy of judgment or insight
  22. Coincide
    [V] To occur at the same time or be at the same place; to agree exactly
  23. Delineate
    [V] To draw the outline of; to describe in words or gestures
  24. Grisly
    [Adj] Inspiring horror because of appalling crudity or inhumanity; gruesome
  25. Plight
    [N] Sad situation
  26. Malevolent
    [Adj] Showing hatred; dangerous
  27. Multifarious
    [Adj] Having many different parts or forms; numerous and varied
  28. Heterodox
    [Adj] Not in agreement with accepted beliefs, especially religious dogma
  29. Canvass
    [V] To ask for votes, opinions, etc.; to examine or discuss in detail
  30. Impede
    [V] To obstruct
  31. Accord
    [N] Agreement
  32. Redress
    [V] To set right; to remedy
  33. Concede
    [V] To acknowledge as true
  34. Licentious
    [Adj] Not moral; lawless; lewd
  35. Exude
    [V] To give off; to emit; to radiate
  36. Impugn
    [V] To challenge; to call into question
  37. Shroud
    • [V] To conceal
    • [N] Something that covers
  38. Disclose
    [V] To reveal
  39. Fulminate
    [V] To issue a strong verbal attack
  40. Exult
    [V] To rejoice greatly
  41. Tally
    [V] To count; to add
  42. Fortitude
    [N] Strength of mind that allows one to endure adversity
  43. Hackneyed
    [Adj] Made trite and commonplace by overuse; clich├ęd
  44. Tenuous
    [Adj] Weak; thin
  45. Fatuous
    [Adj] Smugly foolish; complacently stupid
  46. Symposium
    [N] A meeting to discuss a topic, especially when the participants form the audience and make presentations
  47. Secede
    [V] To withdraw formally from an alliance or membership
  48. Bathos
    [N] Excessive or trivial sentimentality; an abrupt transition in style from the elevated to the commonplace, producing a laughable effect
  49. Refurbish
    [V] To make clean or bright again
  50. Confluence
    [N] Joining together of different streams
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Elite SAT Vocab 1201-1250
Elite SAT Vocab 1201-1250