chapter 8 perceptions exam 2 m 405

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  1. the nature of perceptions
    • information processing- is a series of activites by which stimuli are perceieved, transformed into info, and stored. has 4 major steps: exposure, attention, interprtation, and memory
    • perception -are the first three constitutes : exposure, attention, interpretation
  2. Exposure (selective-includes product placement and voluntary
    • exposure-the opportunity to pay attention, this is not a garuty
    • selective exposure-are we going to take it in or change the channel (includes product placement and voluntary)
  3. Attention
    attention- when you our see something and you are intrested in it, it goes to your brain.
  4. stimulus factors (attention) know 5 atlest
    • Size- the bigger the ad the more effective it is
    • Intensity- how bright, loud, or length of the ad
    • Attractive Visuals- how pretty is the setting or the ppl in the ad
    • position- where are you locatedĀ 
    • isolation- being the only ad on a page
    • format- how are you presenting the ad
    • contrast -
    • expectation-
    • information quantity-
  5. Individual Factors (are characteristics that distinguish one individual from another)
    • Motivation- is a drive state created by consumer interest and needs.
    • Ability- refers to the capacity of individuals to attend to and process information.
  6. situational factors (include stimuli un the environment, other than foacl stimulus)
    • Clutter
    • Program involvement
  7. Non-focued Attention
    subliminal stimuli- a message presented so fast or so softly that one is not aware of seeing or hearing it.
  8. Interpretation
    cognitive- is a process whereby stimuli are placed into existing categories of meaning.
  9. individual characteristics (interpretation)
    • traits- consumer differ in taste smell
    • learning- we learn about different brand based off experience.
  10. Stimulus Characteristics (interpretation)
    Ambush marketing- involves any communications or activity that implies, or from which one could reasonably infer, that an organization is associated with an event, when in fact it is not. (ex heavy placement around the Superbowl)
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