Elite SAT Vocab 951 - 1000

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  1. Treatise
    [N] A formal piece of writing, usually long, on a particular subject
  2. Nexus
    [N] A connection or intersection
  3. Chronic
    [Adj] Continuing for a long time; recurrent
  4. Forbear
    [V] To be patient or avoid doing
  5. Bliss
    [N] Perfect Happiness
  6. Putative
    [Adj] Put forth or accepted as true on inadequate grounds; supposed
  7. Deity
    [N] A god
  8. Gingerly
    [Adv] Very carefully; cautiously
  9. Loathe
    [V] To dislike something greatly
  10. Ebullient
    [Adj] In high spirits; boiling or seeming to boil
  11. Chasm
    [N] A large gap
  12. Eerie
    [Adj] Causing inexplicable fear or uneasiness, often because of an apparently supernatural origin
  13. Conventional
    [Adj] Following ordinary practice; unoriginal
  14. Fallacy
    [N] A false notion, esp. one based on incorrect reasoning
  15. Hibernate
    [V] To sleep throughout the winter
  16. Volatile
    [Adj] Tending to vary widely; unstable; quickly evaporating
  17. Prevaricate
    [V] To speak or write evasively in order to avoid telling the truth
  18. Encrypt
    [V] To put into code
  19. Nostalgia
    [N] A general longing for the past or to return home
  20. Reimburse
    [V] To repay
  21. Increment
    • [N] An increase in quantity
    • [V] To increase
  22. Peruse
    [V] To read carefully
  23. Arbitrate
    [V] To settle a dispute or a fight between two parties
  24. Anthropomorphism
    [N] The attribution of human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects
  25. Cache
    [N] A hiding place for storage of provisions or valuables
  26. Corpulent
    [Adj] Very fat; obese
  27. Livid
    [Adj] Extremely angry; discolored, as from a bruise; pale, ashen
  28. Austere
    [Adj] Stern or severe in appearance; without luxury
  29. Myriad
    [N] An indefinitely large number
  30. Impinge
    [V] To have an effect on something, esp. a negative one; to encroach
  31. Android
    [N] An automaton that resembles a human being
  32. Turbid
    [Adj] Cloudy, muddy; in a state of turmoil
  33. Dismay
    [V] To destroy courage or resolution; to cause to lose enthusiasm, to disillusion
  34. Fa├žade
    [N] Outward appearance; the face of a building
  35. Cadence
    [N] A rhythmic beat
  36. Encumber
    [V] To burden or weigh down
  37. Caricature
    [N] A drawing or description that ridiculously exaggerates features
  38. Occasion
    [V] To cause; to provide an appropriate opportunity for
  39. Imposter
    [N] A person using a false identity
  40. Ingratiate
    [V] To bring oneself into another's favor or good graces by conscious effort
  41. Sanctify
    [V] To make holy; to make legitimate or binding
  42. Abash
    [V] To embarrass
  43. Avant-garde
    [N] A group active in inventing and applying new techniques, esp. in the arts
  44. Enervate
    [V] To weaken
  45. Liberal
    [Adj] Generous; giving freely
  46. Vulgar
    [Adj] Lacking refinement or taste; crude
  47. Fictitious
    [Adj] Not real; false
  48. Pastiche
    [N] Something (esp. a work of art, literature, or music) created from many different sources
  49. Factitious
    [Adj] Produced artificially; not genuine
  50. Malignant
    [Adj] Very harmful; threatening death; cancerous (of a tumor)
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