Elite SAT Vocab 751 - 1000

  1. abstruse
    difficult to understand
  2. dissonant
    harsh and disagreeable in sound
  3. advocate
    to speak in support of something
  4. hubris
    excessive pride
  5. fiasco
    a major disaster
  6. philanthropic
    donating to charity
  7. disdain
    a feeling of contempt
  8. resolve
    to make a firm decision; to fond a solution to
  9. wield
    to handle (for example a tool); to exert (for example power)
  10. rankle
    to cause persistent irritation; to feel or express irritation or resentment
  11. aegis
    a protection; sponsorship
  12. advent
    a coming or an arrival, esp. of something very important
  13. shoddy
    inferior or cheap
  14. alleviate
    to reduce pain, esp. temporarily or without removing its cause
  15. prone
    tending or likely to do something; lying face down
  16. progeny
    children or descendants
  17. ethics
    the standards or rules government proper conduct
  18. novel
    striking new
  19. plastic
    capable of being shaped or molded; easily influenced
  20. savor
    to taste or smell, esp. with pleasure
  21. demote
    to reduce to lower rank
  22. daunt
    to make afraid; to intimidate
  23. scathing
    very harsh in something, like a remark
  24. rout
    an overwhelming defeat; a disorderly retreat or flight following a defeat
  25. malign
    to talk badly of something or someone
  26. mimic
    to copy closely, esp. with intent to ridicule
  27. inadvertent
    unintentional; accidental
  28. beckon
    to signal or summon, as by nodding or waving
  29. bizarre
    very odd in manner; grotesque; strange
  30. resonant
    strong and deep in tone
  31. neologism
    new word or phrase
  32. badger
    to nag
  33. libertine
    one who lived an immoral life
  34. prestige
    fame or importance based on reputation or achievement
  35. stifle
    to interrupt or cut off; to keep in or hold back; to suffocate or smother
  36. articulate
    able to express oneself clearly and effectively
  37. grandiloquent
    using excessively fancy or pompous words
  38. trifle
    something that lacks significance or worth
  39. prospect
    the outlook for the future; a view, of scenery
  40. confer
    to consult; to present as a gift or honor
  41. conspicuous
    easy to notice; obvious; apparent
  42. deadlock
    a tie; a standstill
  43. debilitated
    showing impairment of energy or strength
  44. douse
    to wet thoroughly
  45. predicament
    a troublesome or embarrassing situation
  46. autonomy
    independence; self-government
  47. cognition
    the process of knowing; perception purging of the emotions
  48. catharsis
    purging of the emotions
  49. flourish
    to blossom; to grow vigorously; to prosper
  50. elocution
    the art of public speaking, with attention to delivery
  51. interlocutor
    someone who takes part in a conversation, esp. formally
  52. tyranny
    arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority
  53. hospitable
    friendly, kind, and solicitous toward guests; receptive or open
  54. melee
    a noisy, confused fight
  55. acrimony
    bitter, sharp hostility in speech or behavior
  56. martial
  57. fitful
    occurring in irregular outbursts; occurring in spurts
  58. rapport
    concord; a trustful relationship; harmony
  59. nihilism
    a belief that rejects all moral or religious values; the belief that the destruction of political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement
  60. pejorative
    downgrading, demeaning
  61. chasten
    to correct by punishment or criticism; to restrain
  62. officious
    interfering; trying to give unwanted advice
  63. cataclysm
    a disastrous event, usually one that brings about great change
  64. mandate
    a command; an order
  65. colloquy
    a conversation; esp. a formal one
  66. plausible
    appearing worthy of belief or trust
  67. demur
    to object; to disagree with something
  68. conviction
    a strong belief or opinion
  69. prowess
    superior skill or ability
  70. reproof
    an expression of disapproval; a rebuke
  71. crop
    to cut or bite the ends off; to trim
  72. theology
    the study of the nature of God and religious truth
  73. own
    to admit, esp. taking personal responsibility for one's own actions or thoughts
  74. qualm
    a sudden feeling of sickness; an uneasy feeling about the moral rightness of an action
  75. circumlocution
    an indirect or wordy way of expressing an idea
  76. lachrymose
    causing tears; weeping or inclined to weep
  77. start
    to move suddenly or involuntarily
  78. surly
    sullen and rude
  79. covet
    to desire strongly
  80. comport
    to conduct or behave oneself; to be compatible or in agreement with
  81. grapple
    to struggle with something; to grip and hold
  82. awry
    away from the correct course; wrong; deviant
  83. pliant
    easily bent; pliable; adaptable or complaint
  84. paean
    a song of joy, triumph, or praise
  85. tribulation
    a great misery, or distress
  86. fetter
    to confine, restrain, or keep down
  87. graphic
    described in vivid and explicit detail
  88. coerce
    to force by threat or intimidation
  89. contemplate
    to look at or think about carefully; to consider as a possibility
  90. auspicious
    showing signs of a favorable outcome; marked by favorable circumstances
  91. comply
    to yield or act in accordance with request, conditions, etc.
  92. abide
    to tolerate
  93. repugnant
    causing disgust or aversion; distasteful; offensive
  94. depreciate
    to reduce in price or value
  95. desolate
    left alone; lonely; deserted
  96. hefty
    a heavy; big; strong, muscular; of considerable size or amount
  97. haunt
    to visit often or continually; [n] a place visited frequently
  98. decadence
    a period of decline, as in morals
  99. disposition
    personality; temperament
  100. ultimatum
    a final demand or statement of terms
  101. humane
    kind; compassionate
  102. debacle
    an overwhelming defeat or failure
  103. contingent
    dependent on conditions or circumstances; conditional; possible
  104. speculate
    to form an idea without having definite or complete evidence
  105. renenge
    to fail to carry out a promise
  106. exact
    to demand and obtain by force or authority
  107. exalt
    to raise in status or character; to increase the effect or intensity of
  108. distort
    to alter; to change into a unusual form
  109. efface
    to rub out, as from a surface; to erase
  110. torrent
    a swift-flowing stream; an uncontrolled outpouring
  111. quagmire
    wet, boggy ground; a difficult situation
  112. overt
    open; not hidden
  113. banish
    to drive away; to force to leave a place by official decree
  114. meritocracy
    a system in which promotion is based on individual ability or achievement
  115. equilibrium
    a state of balance or equality between opposing forces
  116. smug
    showing offensive satisfaction with oneself
  117. bilk
    to swindle; to cheat
  118. authoritarian
    demanding unquestioning obedience
  119. conductive
    tending to bring about
  120. flora
    plants as a group, esp. of a specified region or time
  121. squabble
    a noisy argument, esp. over an unimportant matter
  122. hedge
    to protect against possible loss by taking compensatory measures; to avoid making a direct statement
  123. usurp
    to take by force or without legal authority (e.g., property or rights)
  124. quandary
    a state of uncertainty esp. about what course of action to take
  125. infer
    to reason or conclude from evidence
  126. sonorous
    having a full, deep sound; impressive in style of speech
  127. antidote
    a cure for a disease or poison
  128. munificent
  129. premises
    land and the buildings that are on it
  130. threadbare
    old and worn out
  131. refute
    to disprove
  132. clemency
    mercy, or leniency towards an offender
  133. hover
    to float as if suspended; to be in a state of uncertainty
  134. brusque
    abrupt and curt of manner
  135. hoodwink
    to deceive; to mislead
  136. turgid
    excessively ornate or complex in style; swollen, as from fluid
  137. leviathan
    something enormous and powerful; a sea monster
  138. opulence
    extreme wealth; luxuriousness; abundance
  139. refuge
    a shelter or sanctuary
  140. masquerade
    to wear a disguise; to put on a false appearance
  141. trite
    worn out, used too often
  142. subside
    to settle down
  143. misanthrope
    one who hates or mistrusts mankind
  144. formidable
    inspiring fear or dread
  145. charlatan
    a fake; one who pretends to have expert knowledge
  146. antithesis
    direct contrast; opposition
  147. jovial
    full of hearty, playful good humor
  148. tome
    a large, often scholarly book
  149. err
    to make a mistake
  150. pretentious
    claiming dignity or importance, esp. when undeserved
  151. dreary
    depressing and boring
  152. chronicle
    a recording of events in order of time
  153. impale
    to pierce with something sharp; to make helpless
  154. suffrage
    the right to vote
  155. androgynous
    having both male and female characteristics
  156. optimum
    the most favorable point or condition
  157. sate
    to satisfy (any appetite or desire) fully
  158. stricture
    a restraint or limit
  159. grimace
    • a facial expression that shows disapproval or pain
    • to make such an expression
  160. succumb
    to give in or yield
  161. ruse
    an action or device intended to deceive
  162. gape
    to open wide; to stare with the mouth open
  163. fickle
    unreliable in faith; changing in affections
  164. declaim
    to recite a speech, poem, etc.; to announce formally
  165. exert
    to put forth or bring to bear
  166. grave
    serious; dignified; formal
  167. grovel
    to beg; to lower oneself to please another
  168. obfuscate
    to make difficult to understand; to make indistinct
  169. discursive
    covering a wide range of subjects; rambling
  170. obligatory
    legally or morally required; required as a routine course of action
  171. limpid
    perfectly clear; transparent
  172. divulge
    to reveal or make known
  173. philander
    of a man, to engage in sexual affairs, esp. casually
  174. fatalistic
    believing that all events are predestined and unavoidable
  175. remiss
    careless in, or negligent about, attending to a task
  176. denigrate
    to disgrace a reputation; to blacken; to belittle
  177. coherent
    logically consistent and orderly
  178. misogyny
    hatred of women
  179. disingenuous
    not staight forward or candid; crafty; insincere or calculating
  180. oasis
    a fertile place in a desert due to the presence of water; any place or thing offering relief from difficulty or dullness
  181. blatant
    offensively obvious; unpleasantly noisy
  182. sheer
    transparently thin; utter or complete; nearly vertical
  183. flux
    flow; continuous change or movement
  184. dais
    a raised platform
  185. frivolous
    of little importance
  186. galvanize
    to rouse; to stir; to spur
  187. mendacious
    lying; false, esp. habitually
  188. averse
    opposed, reluctant; repelled
  189. chastise
    to punish by beating; to scold or condemn sharply
  190. impassive
    not feeling emotion; not showing emotion
  191. prosperity
    wealth; good fortune
  192. gnarled
  193. oligarchy
    a government in which only few people have power
  194. prudent
    marked by careful planning; discreet
  195. incapacitate
    to make unable to function in normal activities; disable
  196. prevail
    to triumph over; to be or become most common
  197. servile
    slavish; abjectly submissive
  198. carnage
    massacre; slaughter; bloodshed
  199. cogent
    appealing forcibly to the mind; convincing
  200. forgery
    something counterfeit; an illegally produced imitation
  201. Treatise
    [N] A formal piece of writing, usually long, on a particular subject
  202. Nexus
    [N] A connection or intersection
  203. Chronic
    [Adj] Continuing for a long time; recurrent
  204. Forbear
    [V] To be patient or avoid doing
  205. Bliss
    [N] Perfect Happiness
  206. Putative
    [Adj] Put forth or accepted as true on inadequate grounds; supposed
  207. Deity
    [N] A god
  208. Gingerly
    [Adv] Very carefully; cautiously
  209. Loathe
    [V] To dislike something greatly
  210. Ebullient
    [Adj] In high spirits; boiling or seeming to boil
  211. Chasm
    [N] A large gap
  212. Eerie
    [Adj] Causing inexplicable fear or uneasiness, often because of an apparently supernatural origin
  213. Conventional
    [Adj] Following ordinary practice; unoriginal
  214. Fallacy
    [N] A false notion, esp. one based on incorrect reasoning
  215. Hibernate
    [V] To sleep throughout the winter
  216. Volatile
    [Adj] Tending to vary widely; unstable; quickly evaporating
  217. Prevaricate
    [V] To speak or write evasively in order to avoid telling the truth
  218. Encrypt
    [V] To put into code
  219. Nostalgia
    [N] A general longing for the past or to return home
  220. Reimburse
    [V] To repay
  221. Increment
    • [N] An increase in quantity
    • [V] To increase
  222. Peruse
    [V] To read carefully
  223. Arbitrate
    [V] To settle a dispute or a fight between two parties
  224. Anthropomorphism
    [N] The attribution of human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects
  225. Cache
    [N] A hiding place for storage of provisions or valuables
  226. Corpulent
    [Adj] Very fat; obese
  227. Livid
    [Adj] Extremely angry; discolored, as from a bruise; pale, ashen
  228. Austere
    [Adj] Stern or severe in appearance; without luxury
  229. Myriad
    [N] An indefinitely large number
  230. Impinge
    [V] To have an effect on something, esp. a negative one; to encroach
  231. Android
    [N] An automaton that resembles a human being
  232. Turbid
    [Adj] Cloudy, muddy; in a state of turmoil
  233. Dismay
    [V] To destroy courage or resolution; to cause to lose enthusiasm, to disillusion
  234. Fa├žade
    [N] Outward appearance; the face of a building
  235. Cadence
    [N] A rhythmic beat
  236. Encumber
    [V] To burden or weigh down
  237. Caricature
    [N] A drawing or description that ridiculously exaggerates features
  238. Occasion
    [V] To cause; to provide an appropriate opportunity for
  239. Imposter
    [N] A person using a false identity
  240. Ingratiate
    [V] To bring oneself into another's favor or good graces by conscious effort
  241. Sanctify
    [V] To make holy; to make legitimate or binding
  242. Abash
    [V] To embarrass
  243. Avant-garde
    [N] A group active in inventing and applying new techniques, esp. in the arts
  244. Enervate
    [V] To weaken
  245. Liberal
    [Adj] Generous; giving freely
  246. Vulgar
    [Adj] Lacking refinement or taste; crude
  247. Fictitious
    [Adj] Not real; false
  248. Pastiche
    [N] Something (esp. a work of art, literature, or music) created from many different sources
  249. Factitious
    [Adj] Produced artificially; not genuine
  250. Malignant
    [Adj] Very harmful; threatening death; cancerous (of a tumor)
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