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  1. Chapter 1 orientation to the dental profession
    • Exercises:
    • 1. List the personal traits of an effective administrative dental assistant:
    • -Knowledge of computers (tech savy)
    • -Good with operations of dental practice machines, IE fax machine, copier, credit card machine, telephones.
    • - Knowledge of bookkeeping practices, such as accounts
    • receivable, accounts payable, banking, payroll, and
    • accounting reports and records
    • - Be flexible and able to do more than one job at a time
    • - Be multiskilled to handle both dental assisting and
    • business needs
    • -Be able to work in a diverse culture and maintain patient
    • relations.
    • -Use of business management skills, good with handling patients when it comes to customer care.
  2. 2. Refer to the traits you listed in question #1, and select you strongest or weakest trait. Based on your selection write a short paragraph to support your selection.
    -Well I think I?m pretty good at most of them. I guess I feel strongest in knowledge of computers. In my old ENT?s office which switched from charts to Electronic records. Everyone in the office had troubles using the new medical software. I on the other hand figured it out quick and became the go to person if someone was having trouble doing something in the EMR program.
  3. 3. list the responsablities of the dental receptionist.
    • - ? Projecting a positive attitude
    • ? Greeting patients
    • ? Answering the telephone
    • ? Managing incoming and outgoing mail
    • ? Collecting patient data
    • ? Answering patient questions
    • ? Being a liaison between the patient and the dentist
    • ? Making financial arrangements Gaylor, Linda J (2013-12-27). The Administrative Dental Assistant (Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition) (Page 5). Elsevier Health Sciences. Kindle Edition.
  4. 4. list the duties of a records manager.
    • - The records manager's duties include
    • ? Collecting patient histories
    • ? Ensuring compliance with industry standards
    • ? Ensuring confidentiality and accuracy
    • ? Keeping records safe from destruction and loss
  5. 5. a=f. Office manager
    • b= a. business manager
    • c=d. records manager
    • d=c. data processor
    • e= b. appointments scheduler
  6. 6. Periodontitis
    • 7.Pediatric dentist
    • 8. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
    • 9.Endodontist
    • 10. oral and maxillofacial surgeon
    • 11.Pediatric dentist
    • 12. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
    • 13.Dental Public health
    • 14. D.D.S.- Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
    • D.M.D- General dentist
    • OSHA- Occupational Safety Health Administration
    • ADA- American Dental Association
    • CDA- Certified Dental Assistant
    • ADAA- American Dental Assistants Association
    • DANB- Dental Assisting National Board
    • 15. List and briefly describe the five principles of ethics indenfied by the ADA.
  7. 16. Define these terms:
    • Ethics: Category of moral judgments.
    • Legal Standards: Legislation regulated by boards and
    • commissions.
    • Dental Practice Act: Act Legislation that outlines the
    • duties that can be performed by dental auxiliaries, the
    • type of education required, and what licensure, if any,
    • is necessary for these duties.
    • 17. What is the primary purpose of the Administartive Simplifaction provision of the HIPPA document.
    • Administrative Simplification Method designed to
    • make the business of health care easier by providing
    • standards for transaction code sets, privacy of patient
    • information, security of patient information, and
    • national provider identifiers.
  8. 18. List the FOUR sets of HIPPA standards and give a brief description of each standard.
    • HIPPA-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996:
    • Legislative act involving health information.
    • The Portability section of the Act simply guarantees that a person covered by health insurance provided by one employer can obtain health insurance through the second employer if he or she changes jobs.
    • The Accountability section of the act answers the question of who and what should be accountable for specific healthcare activities
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