Elite SAT Vocab 901 - 950

  1. dreary
    depressing and boring
  2. chronicle
    a recording of events in order of time
  3. impale
    to pierce with something sharp; to make helpless
  4. suffrage
    the right to vote
  5. androgynous
    having both male and female characteristics
  6. optimum
    the most favorable point or condition
  7. sate
    to satisfy (any appetite or desire) fully
  8. stricture
    a restraint or limit
  9. grimace
    • a facial expression that shows disapproval or pain
    • to make such an expression
  10. succumb
    to give in or yield
  11. ruse
    an action or device intended to deceive
  12. gape
    to open wide; to stare with the mouth open
  13. fickle
    unreliable in faith; changing in affections
  14. declaim
    to recite a speech, poem, etc.; to announce formally
  15. exert
    to put forth or bring to bear
  16. grave
    serious; dignified; formal
  17. grovel
    to beg; to lower oneself to please another
  18. obfuscate
    to make difficult to understand; to make indistinct
  19. discursive
    covering a wide range of subjects; rambling
  20. obligatory
    legally or morally required; required as a routine course of action
  21. limpid
    perfectly clear; transparent
  22. divulge
    to reveal or make known
  23. philander
    of a man, to engage in sexual affairs, esp. casually
  24. fatalistic
    believing that all events are predestined and unavoidable
  25. remiss
    careless in, or negligent about, attending to a task
  26. denigrate
    to disgrace a reputation; to blacken; to belittle
  27. coherent
    logically consistent and orderly
  28. misogyny
    hatred of women
  29. disingenuous
    not staight forward or candid; crafty; insincere or calculating
  30. oasis
    a fertile place in a desert due to the presence of water; any place or thing offering relief from difficulty or dullness
  31. blatant
    offensively obvious; unpleasantly noisy
  32. sheer
    transparently thin; utter or complete; nearly vertical
  33. flux
    flow; continuous change or movement
  34. dais
    a raised platform
  35. frivolous
    of little importance
  36. galvanize
    to rouse; to stir; to spur
  37. mendacious
    lying; false, esp. habitually
  38. averse
    opposed, reluctant; repelled
  39. chastise
    to punish by beating; to scold or condemn sharply
  40. impassive
    not feeling emotion; not showing emotion
  41. prosperity
    wealth; good fortune
  42. gnarled
  43. oligarchy
    a government in which only few people have power
  44. prudent
    marked by careful planning; discreet
  45. incapacitate
    to make unable to function in normal activities; disable
  46. prevail
    to triumph over; to be or become most common
  47. servile
    slavish; abjectly submissive
  48. carnage
    massacre; slaughter; bloodshed
  49. cogent
    appealing forcibly to the mind; convincing
  50. forgery
    something counterfeit; an illegally produced imitation
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Elite SAT Vocab 901 - 950
Elite SAT Vocab 901 - 950