1. Changes in infected neuts with Hepatozoon in flat headed cats VCP 2008
    • gamonts in neuts (1-2%)
    • infected neuts: decr. spec granules, incr mito, ANAE and b-glucuronidase +, SBB -
    • uninf neuts: SBB+, ANAE and b-gluc -, eos - all neg, baso - SBB-,ANAE and b-gluc+
    • lymphs: SBB -, ANAE and b-gluc focal +, monos: only ANAE focal +
    • Look at bunch of EM pics of cells and of gamonts in parasitophorous vacuoles
  2. Immunophenotyping lymphs of cynomolgus monkeys VCP 2008
    Stained for CD3 (panT), CD3/CD4 (TH), CD3/CD8 (CTL), CD3-/CD16 (NK), CD3-CD20 (B)
  3. Rapid agglut for detection of Ca and Aa groups in horses VCP 2008
    • Prefered donor: Aa, Qa and Ca NEG
    • Most rxns d/t: Aa and Qa
    • Most naturally occuring abi are Aa and Ca - both aglu and hem
    • Qa - hem
    • Aa - severe reactions
    • Study showed that rapid blood-typing protocol can be used to detect Aa and Ca abi
  4. Bcl-2 in feline lymphoma cell lines VCP 2008
    • Bcl-2 is antiapoptotic
    • Results: incr expression in lymphoma cell lines, decr in peripheral bld monos, but not decr in fresh blood
  5. IgM interference with Hb using Cell-Dyne VCP 2008
    ammonium salt in lysing reagent precip protein causing incr in Hb and MCHC
  6. Pure WBC aplasia in dog VCP 2007
    • Steroid responsive npenia, likely immune mediated, may see concurrent IMHA, ITO, meningitis/polyarthritis
    • BM - myeloid hyperplasia (abundant bands, few segs)
    • Review this paper
  7. Heme characteristics of captive westen barred bandicoots VCP 2007
    • Hyposeg and annular neuts, monos and occas eos seen
    • young had more poly than adults
    • see images EM and light micro
  8. Lead poisoning on swans and Canada geese hematology VCP 2007
    • Pb inh heme syn via inh of ALA synthase, ALA dehdrase and ferrochelatase
    • PCV, Hb and MCHC dec with lead
    • Uric acid and GGT incr in swans
    • Phos dec in geese
    • Bld smear: incr rubricytes, baso stip, incr poly
    • see Hb synthesis in Stokham
  9. Outbreak of canine monocytic ehrlichiosis in Saudi Arabia VCP 2007
    • cellular immune response more NB than humoral but latter may contribute to clinical signs
    • low incidence of Tpenia in these dogs (2/9), most had anemia and leukopenia
    • Dx: PCR best
  10. Pelger Huet in Arabian horse VCP 2007
    • Both cases in horses have been arabians
    • Autosomal dom, heterozygotes - abnormality but no clinical signs, homozyg - lethal
    • mutation of B-laminin in people and mice
    • Dx: gran with hyposeg, r/o PseudoPH: infection, neoplasia, drugs - sulfonamides, colchicine, chemo, document vertical transmission
  11. M7 leuk in a dog CD34+ CD41+ VCP 2007
    • CD41+ GPIIb, CD61 GP IIIa
    • CD42 GPIb (more mature plt assoc marker)
    • Cyt expression of CD41 and 61 more spec and se d/t possible adherence of plts to surface of blasts
  12. Heme of young pretraning greyhounds VCP 2007
    • RBC, HCT, Hb pos correlation with age
    • Plt count neg correlation with age
    • No sex diff
  13. Plt fxn in dogs, breed differences and effect of ASA admin VCP 2007
    • higher plt ag in CKCS compared with other breeds
    • longer CT in cairn ter compated to boxers
    • ASA prolonged CT (col+epi but not col+ADP) and decr plt ag
    • So... Col+Epi CT dependent on TxA2 since it is inh by ASA
  14. Spirochetemia by Borrelia turicatae in 3 dogs VCP 2007
    • Heme: anemia, neutrophilia, lymph/eos/Tpenia
    • rodent natural reservoir
    • more likely to be spirochetemic than B. burgdorferi but abi xreact
    • use PCR for flagellin to differentiate
    • see pics - looks like mine
  15. Bld smear from preg cat after abortion: Cytauxzoon felis VCP 2007
    • Bobcats are reservoir
    • Schizonts form in macs, merozoites infect RBCs, see signet ring piroplasms within RBCs or schizont laden macs
  16. Glanzmann thrombasthenia in Oldenborg filly VCP 2007
    • Prolonged bleeding time, normal plt count, normal coags and vWF
    • Decr plt ag to ADP, col, thrombin or epi, wk ag to ristocetin
    • TEG: K increased, alpha angle dec and MA decr (80% MA dependent on function and #)
    • GPIIb subunit mutation - absence of plt CD41 and decr CD41/CD61
    • Binds fibr with high affinity, so plts don't adhere to each other or to underlying ECM (other prot can bind GPIIb/IIIa
    • such as fibronectin, col, vibronectin and vWF)
  17. Heme and biochem of persian squirrels VCP 2007
    hyperseg neuts common, no basos or band seen, Hb migraded ahead of human Hb A
  18. Performance of 2 microtiter Coombs tests in dog VCP 2007
    • VMRD uses single polyvalent antiserum toward canine IgG, M, C3
    • U of MN test uses both polyvalent and monovalent antisera
    • U of MN test more se, VMRD more sp use of multiple antisera dilutions incr se, monovalent antisera did not incr se
  19. Coag markers in healthy cats and cats with subclinical HCM VCP 2007
    • measured TAT, Ddimer, PT, aPTT - no sign between groups
    • 45% of cats with HCM had evidence of hypercoag, TAT was most se (25% of cats with HCM was incr), followed by Ddimer and FDPs
    • Ddimer may not be a se marker in cats of activated coag and fibrinolysis
    • LA size not associated with hypercoag
  20. Eval of CA530-VET heme analyzer for vet practices VCP 2007
    impedence analyzer, not accurate for plts, feline WBC when normal or low, diffs exept neuts
  21. Plt parameters in citrate vs EDTA bld VCP 2007
    • Plt count, MPV and MPC all lower with citrated blood, d/t plt activation and agregation, MPV and MPC inaccurate
    • d/t inadequate sphering
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