Jim's Living Room Day

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  1. Jim's living Room.  Day
    Roberta is sitting agitatedly in a chair. Jim comes in, in his bathrobe, and immediately switches on the same game on the wall unit.
    • Confused with confrontation:
    • *  Money Loss, Over Confident, Has Influence Over Others.
    • *  Fed up with with self loathing 
    • *  Hot, Short, Temper
  2. money on this game?
    <<<JIM>>>> doesn't answer.   He looks back at the screen .  LAMAR sinks a three-pointer (Hand Snap-Thigh Slap).

    JIM--  He's in my class.
  3. Is he good at English?
    JIM>>> thinks, weights it, and then says:

    JIM--  No.
  4. Do you want to be the kind of man that goes to his mother, to cover your gambling debts?
    <<<JIM>>> thinks about it. 

    <<<JIM>>>  Wrenching, Cracking Knuckles, Jim is going to be styling if he plays his cards right!
  5. You never should have married her.  Why did you?
    <<<JIM>>>Again Thinking!  His right hand folds his thumb positioned under chin, RT - index finger pointed LT side of nose - He smacks his lips with a drawn out sizzle!

    JIM--  Because The Odds Weren't good.
  6. How bad is the trouble you're in?
    JIM--  I'm always in trouble.
  7. I mean:  Do you still need the money?
    JIM--  No.
  8. I don't know when to believe you anymore.
    <<<JIM>>>after a complex look at his mother reaches for a pad of paper and writes on it and folds it and hands it to her.
  9. What is this?
    JIM--  What I owe.
  10. (trembling with rage she gets up).

    How is that possible?
  11. JIM--  It was the same as marriage. I 
              gambled, I lost.
  12. Marriage is in the real world.  It's not a game of chance.
    • JIM--  Now you're talking crazy.  
    • He eats cereal again.

  13. What will they do to you if you don't pay?
    <<<JIM>>>Looks at her.

    • JIM--  Break every bone in my body.  Or, go
    •           after the family.       

    • <<<ROBERTA>>>whacks him across the face.
    • <<<JIM>>>takes it.
  14. This isn't something you can't help.  
    You're doing it on purpose.
    JIM--  There's going to be a time when I want something again.  When I won't allow myself too be seen in this condition.  

    • But it isn't now,
    • and it isn't up to you,
    • or anything you
    • or anybody says!
  15. She sits holding the paper.  Then:

    Are you degraded enough to go to the bank with your mother?
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