Elite SAT Vocab 851 - 900

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  1. humane
    kind; compassionate
  2. debacle
    an overwhelming defeat or failure
  3. contingent
    dependent on conditions or circumstances; conditional; possible
  4. speculate
    to form an idea without having definite or complete evidence
  5. renenge
    to fail to carry out a promise
  6. exact
    to demand and obtain by force or authority
  7. exalt
    to raise in status or character; to increase the effect or intensity of
  8. distort
    to alter; to change into a unusual form
  9. efface
    to rub out, as from a surface; to erase
  10. torrent
    a swift-flowing stream; an uncontrolled outpouring
  11. quagmire
    wet, boggy ground; a difficult situation
  12. overt
    open; not hidden
  13. banish
    to drive away; to force to leave a place by official decree
  14. meritocracy
    a system in which promotion is based on individual ability or achievement
  15. equilibrium
    a state of balance or equality between opposing forces
  16. smug
    showing offensive satisfaction with oneself
  17. bilk
    to swindle; to cheat
  18. authoritarian
    demanding unquestioning obedience
  19. conductive
    tending to bring about
  20. flora
    plants as a group, esp. of a specified region or time
  21. squabble
    a noisy argument, esp. over an unimportant matter
  22. hedge
    to protect against possible loss by taking compensatory measures; to avoid making a direct statement
  23. usurp
    to take by force or without legal authority (e.g., property or rights)
  24. quandary
    a state of uncertainty esp. about what course of action to take
  25. infer
    to reason or conclude from evidence
  26. sonorous
    having a full, deep sound; impressive in style of speech
  27. antidote
    a cure for a disease or poison
  28. munificent
  29. premises
    land and the buildings that are on it
  30. threadbare
    old and worn out
  31. refute
    to disprove
  32. clemency
    mercy, or leniency towards an offender
  33. hover
    to float as if suspended; to be in a state of uncertainty
  34. brusque
    abrupt and curt of manner
  35. hoodwink
    to deceive; to mislead
  36. turgid
    excessively ornate or complex in style; swollen, as from fluid
  37. leviathan
    something enormous and powerful; a sea monster
  38. opulence
    extreme wealth; luxuriousness; abundance
  39. refuge
    a shelter or sanctuary
  40. masquerade
    to wear a disguise; to put on a false appearance
  41. trite
    worn out, used too often
  42. subside
    to settle down
  43. misanthrope
    one who hates or mistrusts mankind
  44. formidable
    inspiring fear or dread
  45. charlatan
    a fake; one who pretends to have expert knowledge
  46. antithesis
    direct contrast; opposition
  47. jovial
    full of hearty, playful good humor
  48. tome
    a large, often scholarly book
  49. err
    to make a mistake
  50. pretentious
    claiming dignity or importance, esp. when undeserved
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