Question Bank 2 (PEC-Selected)

  1. In hazardous location, the use of non-metallic conduit shall be permitted provide it is buried NOT less than ___ below the earth level.
  2. Service entrance cables shall be supported by straps or other approved methods within ___ of every service head.
  3. Type MC cable shall be supported and secured at intervals NOT exceeding ____.
    1 800 mm
  4. How much is the minimum computed load for each 2-wrie laundry branch circuit?
    1 500 VA
  5. An attachment plug and receptacle shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means for single phase room air conditioner rated 250V or less if the manual controls of the room air conditioner is readily accessible and located within a certain distance from the floor? What is this distance?
    1 800 mm
  6. Sheet steel metal boxes over 1640 cm3 in size shall be made from steel NOT less than __ thick uncoated.
    1.35 mm
  7. Circuits with rigid non-metallic conduit approved for direct burial and placed under streets, hi-ways, roads, alleys, driveways and parking lots shall have a minimum cover distance of _____.
    600 mm
  8. Conductors used in lightning protection system maybe coursed through air without support for a distance of ___ or less.
    900 mm
  9. Type FC cable shall have the temperature rating durably marked on the surface at intervals NOT exceeding ____.
    600 mm
  10. The computed load for the branch circuit installed to supply exterior signs and outline lighting shall be computed at a minimum of how much volt-amperes?
    1 200
  11. Energized parts of generators operated at more than ___ to ground shall not be exposed to accidental contact where accessible to unqualified persons.
    50 V
  12. The current carrying conductors in cablebus shall have insulation rating of ____ or more.
  13. For straight pulls, the length of the pull box shall NOT be less than ___ times the outside diameter over sheath of the largest shielded or lead covered conductor or cable entering the box.
  14. The cross sectional area in square millimeters of a conductor shall be durably marked on the surface repeated at intervals NOT exceeding ___.
    600 mm
  15. Roofs with a series of parallel ridges shall have air terminals along the end ridge at intervals NOT exceeding _____.
    7600 mm
  16. Communication wires and cables shall be separated at LEAST a certain minimum distance from service drops of electric light and power conductors, which are not installed in a raceway or in cable. What is the minimum distance?
    300 mm
  17. A ___ or ___  branch circuit shall be permitted to supply cooking appliances that are fastened in place in any occupancy.
    • 40A
    • 50A
  18. Overhead conductors used in festoon lighting shall NOT be less than _____.
  19. Fixed electric space heating loads shall be computed at ___ of the total computed load.
  20. When circuit breakers are installed in enclosed switchboards, they are usually derated to a certain percentage. What is this percentage?
  21. Open conductors shall be separated from open conductors of other circuits by NOT less than a certain distance. What is this distance?
    100 mm
  22. Branch circuits larger than ____ shall supply non-lightning outlet loads.
  23. For optional computation in dwelling units, the first 10kW shall be computed at 100% while the remainder is at ____.
  24. The clearance form the top of a switchboard to a ceiling which is combustible shall NOT be less than _______.
    1000 mm
  25. The rating of the overcurrent device shall not be less than the noncontinuous load plus a percentage of the continuous load.
  26. In concealed knob and tube wiring, the clearance to be maintained between conductors is _____.
    76 mm
  27. Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic conduit shall NOT be used where the voltage of the contained conductors is in excess of ______.
    600 V
  28. Service entrance using copper conductors shall have sufficient capacity and shall NOT be smaller than _________.
    8.0 mm2
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