Elite SAT Vocab 701 - 750

  1. eulogy
    a speech or written tribute in praise of someone who has died
  2. turbulence
    commotion or wild disorder
  3. overweening
    excessively arrogant; overbearing
  4. impel
    to push something into motion
  5. querulous
    inclined to find fault; complaining; full of complaint
  6. exhume
    to dig up out of the ground
  7. diligent
    painstaking and steady
  8. spendthrift
    one who spends money wastefully
  9. precept
    a rule of action or conduct
  10. concur
    to agree
  11. dally
    to waste time; to loiter
  12. paroxysm
    a sudden convulsion or outburst; a fit
  13. martinet
    one who is strict in discipline and enjoys authority too much
  14. leeway
    margin; A room for freedom of action
  15. glutton
    one who eats too much
  16. teeming
    overfilled; crowded; pouring out
  17. despoil
    to deprive something of value
  18. mare
    a female horse
  19. naïve
    simple; childlike; lacking worldly wisdom
  20. primordial
    living or exiting at the very beginning
  21. ruthless
    having no compassion or pity
  22. profuse
    gving or pouring forth freely; generous
  23. quash
    to suppress completely
  24. benefactor
    one who helps and supports others
  25. insolent
    boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior; impertinent; impudent
  26. obese
    very fat
  27. furtive
    characterized by secretive behavior
  28. petulant
    impatient or irritable, esp. over a minor annoyance
  29. resolute
    firmly determined
  30. surfeit
    an excess
  31. ascetic
    a person who denies him- or herself luxuries and leads an austere life, especially for religious reasons
  32. calumny
    a false and malicious statement; slander
  33. orthodox
    accepting the usual beliefs, esp. religious
  34. dregs
    the worst part; the sediment in a liquid
  35. intercept
    to stop something from reaching its intended destination
  36. hearsay
    rumor; gossip
  37. deficient
    lacking an essential quality; inadequate in amount or degree
  38. irk
    to irritate or be wearisome
  39. pauper
    one who is extremely poor, esp. one living on public charity
  40. Epiphany
    a sudden flash of understanding
  41. burnish
    to polish
  42. sadisitic
    getting pleasure from inflicting physical or psychological pain
  43. fray
    a fight or brawl
  44. cynical
    distrusting others from a sense that everyone's motives are selfish
  45. edifice
    a building; architectural monument
  46. profess
    to declare or claim openly
  47. pernicious
    very harmful or destructive
  48. jest
    to be playful in speech and actions; to joke
  49. chaos
    complete disorder
  50. correlate
    to correspond; to be mutually related
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Elite SAT Vocab 701 - 750
Elite SAT Vocab 701 - 750