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  1. During the formal operational stage of piagets cognitivie development theory, the adolescent will start wtih a general theory about what produces a particular outcome and then deduce explanations for specific situations in which he or she sees that particular outcome. The process in known as ________ reasoning.
    b. hypothetico-deductive
  2. One criticism of Piaget's cognitive development theory is the culmination of thinking with the formal operational stage. Instead is has been proposed that a flexible thinking, not based only on pure logic, emerges during early adulthood. this thinking relfectst he fact that reasons behind events in the real world are subtle and is referred to as
    c. postformal thinking
  3. Lulu was thrilled to learn that the results show for american idol would start 30 minutes later than usual, accomodating her practice schedule. Clearly the show producers were not aware of lulu;s schedule, although she doesn't see it that way. Lulu's self-absorbtion is an example of
    a. adolescnet egocentrism
  4. catherine could not beleive that her mother insisted that she go into the target store with her. "my hair is dirty" catherine protested. the fact taht catherine is concerned that everyoen in the store will be lookign at her and noticing her dirty hair is an example of
    b. the imaginary audience
  5. lawrence kohlberg and carol gilligan present theories of moral development that differ in that kohlber's theory focuses on ______ while gilligan's theory focuses on _______.
    c. justice ; relationships
  6. school performance declines during the adolescent years. Reaserach has shown that school achievement is linked with all of the following EXCEPT
    • a.socioeconomic status
    • b.ethnic background
    • c.race
    • d. family size
  7. Abigail wants to be a jockey, even though her body size makes this career choice unrealistic, Eli ginzberg woudl suggest that Abigail is in the ________ period in choosing a career.
    b. fantasy
  8. even though Marvin had changed his major several times during his college years, he spent the summer doing an internship in an investment firm and felt more confident about his career choice. marvin is most likely in the _______ period of Ginzberg's stages of choosing a career
    d. realistic
  9. career choice and attitudes and behaviors on the job are influenced by gender. Traditionally, women have been associated with __________ professions, which tend to be lower paid; and men, with _______proffesions, which pay better
    c. communal ; agentic
  10. reseracher john holland was interested in studying individuals and the careers they selected. based on his extensive research he developed six _________ types that match particularly well with certain careers.
    b. personality
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